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Reiki Phone Appointments

Enjoy the Beautiful, Light-filled energy of Reiki
from your own home
in a simple phone appointment
of Breathing meditation.

Simply relax and Breathe
in a quiet, comfortable place
where you can close your eyes and focus within.

To prepare for your phone appointment,
simply relax and take a few Breaths
to separate from the busy aspect of your day.
Drink plenty of water afterwards
to aid your body in clearing old energy.

This Beautiful energy
continues within you after the call
and is best enhanced with a daily practice
of Breathing meditation and Loving Self-care. 
Email me at julieshanti@julieshanti.com to set your appointment.

Phone Appointments
15 minutes   $150

30 minutes   $300


A few testimonials from recent Reiki energy work calls! ~ ♥

"BIG thanks. Thank you so much for our session tonight. I feel a shift in perspective already. I feel so much more hopeful, grounded, and connected. These basic feelings are so important. Loving up my Solar/Source energy tonight and that beautiful scene w the mountain. Thank you so much."  ~ M., CAN

"Thank you Julie! Ahhhh so helpful! Thanks for all your work with me. I really feel different."  ~ K., Mass.

 "Julie, thank you so much for our last call. I had a moment of thinking 'anything is possible' that has stayed with me in the weeks following our call. I also had a moment of clarification about my career decisions and love life that has totally changed the focus and quality of my energy. Overall I feel relaxed, positive, hopeful and calm, knowing I'm completely in tune with where I'm supposed to be."  ~ E., Mass.