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About Julie

Nineteen years ago in 1998, for my 33rd birthday, I gave myself the gift of getting a massage and saw a flyer for Zen Shiatsu, also known as accupressure. I had always Loved the idea of energy work; positive thinking and creative visualization; the life-affirming work of Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain; healthy living in diet and nutrition and exercise; and more. I had a vague idea of what accupressure was but didn't know the specifics.

That flyer gave me a life-changing entryway into Energy Healing through Traditional Eastern Medicine practices, which opened for me a vast world of wisdom and spiritual knowledge that can guide everything we need for everyday living.  

After first discovering the magic of Zen Shiatsu through one practitioner that summer, I dove in wholeheartedly to study with four different personal teachers in Zen Shiatsu and Tradtional Chinese Medicine, Craniosacral and Chakra work, Reiki and Light work, Spirit realms, and more over the next 11 years. I am certified in Reiki and draw from other traditions, as well.

When I first started Zen Shiatsu, I was grappling with a chronic illness I had picked up in my 20's, with no relief from Western medicine, and Tradtional Eastern Medicine gave me my pathway back to health. When my dad had a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2001, I started doing remote healing with plenty of assistance from Spirit, God and Jesus and angels, and my teachers who told me, "You can do this, too."

In 2002, I started listening to Abraham-Hicks and learned their invaluable work with the Scale of Emotions and Law of Attraction, and I went to my first darshan with Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, to receive my first Blessing from her. I Loved Esther and Jerry Hicks' work and their twice-a-year workshops in Boston, and I began following Amma, who visits Boston every summer and who asks that we share her Blessings "in the right way."

A few years later, with angels and ascended masters assisting me in my spiritual and healing work, I began following Doreen Virtue's work when I wanted to learn about Quan Yin, who showed up beside me one day at Shiatsu.

I was also graced with a darshan with Mother Meera in 2008 in Boston and a darshan with Amma, Sri Karunamayi, later in Nashville.

Just as I had learned myself from the Bible and the Lutheran church as an adult, all of this Beautiful work in so many traditions reinforces the one core principle that is the very foundation of our Universe~that everything in our Universe, our Creator and All That Is, is Love.  

That Love is the Source of everything; it's the very composition of our Souls, our Being. 

My work is to bring that Divine Love to Life on Earth through Divine Light, the High-frequency energy that creates our physical Universe and flows our Soul energy into our physical bodies.

In 2009, a few days after my annual darshan with Amma, I heard the message to call into Doreen's Hay House Radio show, which I had listened to for a couple months. I did, and she told me that I was supposed to be working with the public.That's how my work with people from online started, and that's probably how you are finding me now!

That call from my Soul also moved me out of Boston and into my journey back to California, to fulfill more of my Soul purpose.

If you are also hearing a call to open to more of your Soul energy, to work with more of your own, unique Light for your Soul purpose, then I welcome you to work with me in Reiki Phone Appointments. I also invite you to send me your Prayer Requests, and I will send the same Beautiful energy to you without an appointment.

I am excited to share my work with you through Reiki Meditations and Prayer Requests and in my posts on Instagram and Facebook, which often show my photos of angels and more in Spirit. I also have a self-published, fictional story, an allegory/myth, Along the Winding Path, on Amazon.com, here.

I am sending Love and thankfulness to everyone I work with, and I am continually offering Love and appreciation to God and Spirit for all the gifts of my work, with Love and honoring to all of my teachers, both personal and public.

I ask that everyone I work with receive Blessings from my work, as I am Blessed to offer this work from my Soul. 


~ I am sending you Love!

♥ Julie


Please visit these sights for further information on some of my public teachers as you feel drawn.