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Simple, uplifting words.

 It's good to have a space like that.


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Monday, October 9, 2017

October Leaves 💖

 I was walking through the sweet rain yesterday, Loving the intense colors of nature all around me.

The fallen leaves were brighter soaking in the rain, the sidewalks covered in deep red, the October roses open wide and drinking in the water.

Joy is the chosen color of nature, and you can find it everywhere.

Even in the midst of this world's events, and more importantly, especially in the midst of this world's events, it is so important to find your inner Peace, your quiet or exuberant Joy, and to keep expanding it.

It all begins with your breath. 💖

If you would like to focus on your inner Peace and Joy in a Reiki/Breathing Meditation phone appointment, send me an email. 💖

You can book a half-hour appointment with me for $150, or start a series of 3 appointments for $300. 

~I am sending you Love for all your endeavors!

💖 Julie 


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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lovely October 💖

I am sending out Love to you.

Ah, breathe. 

The restlessness of unsettled energy turns into pure Joy and contentedness with a grounding, centered breath. 

With your breath, you restore yourself to your purest, Highest energy, and you expand your connection to your own Soul energy.

With your breath, you become aware of the unfiltered Beauty of all of Life around you, and you join the interconnectedness that is part of all of us. 

With your breath, you become the Living miracle that calls to you. 

With your breath, you say, "Yes!" to Life.

And in that "Yes!," you can bring more Love,  Peace, and Joy into this world for everyone. 

You decide. 💖

If you would like to enjoy the wonderfully restorative energy of breathing meditation in a Reiki phone appointment, just email me. 💖

~I am sending Love and prayers to all who are suffering and feeling loss. 

💖 Julie  


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