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Monday, June 21, 2010

Loving Our Waters and Earth! Prayer Request on Summer Solstice
On today, our summer solstice, many people are praying for our waters in the Gulf of Mexico and the world over!

Healing prayers and meditations are powerful because they express an intention and because they set a tone. Healing prayers in this case don’t have to be about actual transubstantiation—literally turning oil into water—though surely some Beings less limited than you and I would be capable of such things!

Even on the simplest level, healing prayers change the tone of things for us here on Earth, from powerlessness and anger to healing and Love. In these higher frequencies, quite literally, events and manifestations take a different course than they do in the lower frequencies of anger and fear.

Have we all noticed that when we’re consumed with anger, or even frustrated to the bone, that we’re really giving our power over to that person or entity that evokes anger from us? Have we all noticed that when we’re angry that that’s exactly when things do not go as we would like them to go?

There is a reason that personal powerlessness and these lower frequencies go hand in hand! The solutions we seek in Love and Peace and joy reside in higher frequencies—and we have to hold our Self in these higher frequencies to align with such solutions!

Have we all noticed how answers to problems present themselves as we feel better, answers that did not seem to exist previously? Or have we all been given a solution to a problem or situation when we felt powerless and upset, only to regret later that we did not take the opportunity to resolve it in that moment?

Every day is an important day in Life here on Earth! And perhaps today, on our summer solstice, we will take the time to give thanks to Nature and our Earth! What happens when we as a collective shift our tone to Love and Peace is that the situation itself evolves differently than it would otherwise!

Miracles are welcome, and of course, we would all Love to see clear water and thriving animals and birds and sea Life again! But even as things shift in a less visible way, a shift in tone and energy brings Loving solutions and changes!

Different people will step forward with better solutions in the context and energy of Love and healing , and they will be supported when they do. Ideas already present but not considered or welcomed will become more prominent and set a course for action!

People and animals already harmed or in harm’s way from this disaster will become more valued and comforted and will find ways to heal, especially with the help of others.

Different values will emerge within our culture that would not lead to this disaster in the first place. And we can set out on a different course for our future!

We Know what the status quo has already brought about. Railing against it, even in righteous indignation, actually allows that status quo and prior decision-making to remain in place. Changing the tone of our interaction with Mother Earth to one of Love carried in the hearts of many certainly does change how we go about things as a culture, even when we have overflowing after-effects of a disaster to quell and heal!

We are all powerful Beings on this Earth, and as we join our prayer and intention together, we become a force of Nature that definitely changes how we Live in our world!

We would welcome miracles right now, of course, to speed recovery to everyone and everything affected in our beloved Gulf! A fortuitous shift of the Earth would be welcome, too, to stop the gushing oil!

But even as we go about our daily Life, we can all join together in calling for Love to be present for the good of everyone!

For anyone so inclined, let’s feel thanks in our heart and our mind today as we think of the Gulf and our waters and how we interact with our Beautiful Earth!

Whether we take time for prayer and meditation and a water ritual, or just a moment for thought and intention, we can Know we are helping as we envision clear waters, pristine coastline, and thriving Nature!  As we begin to cherish all of Life everywhere, we begin to Live as One with our Beautiful Mother Earth!

It’s always worth it to work for the good!


Sending Love and thanks to our waters that sustain us—and to every living, breathing organism in our Gulf! And to each of us, of course!


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Loving the Angels Within!

On a sweet note, here’s something I thought I’d share with you!

I went for a walk with my 7-year-old niece this weekend. And as we were walking along a busy street, we talked about how much trash was littering the grass. We talked about the environment and the animals who lived there, and how it wasn’t fair for us people to leave trash on their homes.

And when I say we talked, I mean she led the conversation! (I think!) Our kids are always so in sync with the real needs of our Earth and our people, and it’s a joy to hear their unrestrained enthusiasm for what our real work is!

So the Universe provided us with a plastic grocery bag among the trash, of course! And we used that to gather what else we could as we continued on our walk. (Much of this trash had been brought there by recent floods. I had already picked up some by the creek once it returned to normal, low levels. But there’s always more to do–even now!)

I talked with my niece about how easy it would be to get a group of people together to pick up litter. And her older sister already has a long-standing track record of giving to different people and animals in need.

So, as we picked up this trash and headed back home, she asked me if I had ever done anything bad.

I responded with a sigh, “Oh, by accident, I have. But not on purpose. I wouldn’t want to do that.” 

“Oh no, you wouldn’t want to do something bad on purpose,” she replied. She thought on it seriously for a moment, and then she had an idea.

“Maybe you’re going to grow up to be an angel!” 

“Maybe we all are going to grow up to be angels!” I laughed.

Maybe we all are! Wouldn’t that be nice?!


Loving the angels within all of us! (And especially the kids!)


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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Loving the Peace Within Everyone!
And so here we Live, in a time of sometimes confusion and mess, on the verge of moving forward into a new way of Living—a way of Living in Love with All-That-Is! When Love becomes the basis for all we choose from, when we learn to Live from our hearts, we fall in Love with all that has been given to us, with everyone around us, and we come to Know Who We Really Are!

As we reside in the center of our heart energy, in that place of stillness surrounded only by bliss, we become at one with the Universal forces that create us. And in this place of super Self-empowerment, all that we Know is Peace!

When we ourselves Live in that place of Peace, that place of stillness and eternity within the super-charged energies of Love, then all around us is Peace, too. From our eternal perspective of Peace, where all vision is available to us, Peace is all we can notice, all we can observe, all we can align with energetically.

In the heart of Peace, where Peace fills Who We Really Are, all the world becomes Peace—in interactions direct and relationships from afar, both known and unknown to our conscious minds. In this way, Peace expands as a transformative agent, as the agent of change that rises above lower energies, conflicts, transgressions, and the residue they leave behind.

Peace can be called radical because of this purifying nature, like the flame that releases all that is old into physical ashes and an essence that is left in a purer form. Even a forest rises anew from the flame that seemingly destroys it. And so people may also rise again to Live in a purified state when the figurative fire of Love moves through them!

When Love is called a radical notion, and when Peace seems distasteful, we have truly fallen away from our original Nature, from the way we are created from the Source that is Divine Love, and from the way we are born into this world. When Love is no longer the state that we reach for, we have allowed the experiences of this world to take precedence over our inner Knowing, and we no longer Remember Who We Really Are.

But we can always turn to new choices to Live in Love again, and all it takes is a decision—and maybe a few people to lead the way!

In a heart full of Love and a Universe of Peace that suffuses all that we Know in this world, there are no boundaries between people and countries—differences and variety in our diversity, to be sure, but no separation and no lack of connection—no limits to what we can Know, and no hierarchies with a top and a bottom. In a world of Peace, no one is worth more or worth less than another even as we go about Life differently, as we choose.

In a heart and a mind and a world full of Love—for all are one and the same, in Truth—only Love exists. Love is truly all there is!

In our world without Illusion in the noise and confusion, Love and Peace flow throughout, just as Divine Love creates us all! In a world given to us by the unfathomable energies of our Source, what else could there be besides Love and Peace? It all lies within us!

Loving the Peace within us all!


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