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 It's good to have a space like that.


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Loving Seeing the Light in Everyone!
When we see our Self in the mirror that is our daily Life, we have the choice of seeing our Self as it appears in this world—contained in a body, fairly defined within parameters, and seemingly limited in terms of choices—or we can see our Self as it truly Lives, eternal, powerful, and connected with All That Is!

When we choose to see our Self as our eternal Self, then we also discover a new way of seeing other people, of seeing all of us as different parts of the Oneness! This new Knowing, as we develop it within our Self, speaks to us through our hearts and connects all of us through this Loving energy!

When we see our Self as part of the Oneness, our personal perspective of Life widens and opens to the whole! As we see the Divine Light that composes us all, that energy that amassed gives us form, then we begin to understand that this Light can only be One. The Light that we really are made of, each and every one of us, diminishes boundaries that seem to separate us as we begin to see and perceive everything around us anew!

In a world where we see the Light that connects everyone, Love, Peace, and kindness rule!

When each of us is not separate from the other, how do hurtfulness, oppression, domination, and war take hold? Simply stated, they don’t. Instead, as we see the Light always shining in everyone, Love smoothes the way and soothes the Soul!

What would it take, then, for this new way of seeing each other to take root and flourish? How do we begin to think in a way that calls us back to the Divine Love we really Know? Change always entails letting go of the old, and then allowing and embracing the new!

We do already see Light in each other when we see what we Love and what makes us smile. What makes us feel warm and connected to another is the energy of the heart, and we are centered in that energy ourselves when we feel compassion, kindness, and caring.

What this change to seeing us all as One really means is not so much an entirely new way of connecting with people, but a more constant one, with a more consistent practice of looking for Love and that all-composing Light in each one of us! I Know we can do it with dedication and practice!

This remembering to practice our looking for Love in our Self and in one another is often called awakening from our slumber, our dream, our illusion. The slumber, the dream, the illusion always mean that we have temporarily forgotten, and are not remembering what we really Know, that we all come from Divine Love and can truly Be nothing else!

The New Age so often talked about is really quite simple—it is the time when compassion rules! It is the time when Divine Light shows us the way, when mind, body, and Soul are One! It is the time when we remember what we really Know, and when we Live as our Higher Self always does!   

Loving seeing the Light in everyone!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loving Introducing You to Someone New: Rumi Music!

I posted this on Open Salon to help let a new audience know about Lee! I hope you enjoy it here, too!

Something new, something good!

Lee's not here on OS, so he may be new to you! And if so, I would Love to introduce you to someone who's a bright star in this Universe of ours!

His name is Lee Abramson, and even though he has ALS, he has continued his passion of being a musician by setting Rumi poetry to music.

He calls his music, "Mystical Downtempo: Enya Meets the Whirling Dervishes."

Lee can tell you better than I can his story, so here's this from the Bio page of his website, http://www.rumimusic.com.

"Lee Abramson is the Toughest Musician in Michigan. Specializing in Downtempo, he sets Rumi poetry to music: Enya meets the Whirling Dervishes. It's smart, adult and contemporary with complex layers of synthesizers, pads, and vocals. The production is clean with proper levels. The lyrics are expressions of desperate romantic love. One pays more attention to the feel of the singing and the vocals are soothing and enjoyable. It's music that's easy to listen to and easy to embrace.

"Lee Abramson's life and music is the ultimate example of living what is possible in the face of any circumstance. Behind his music of mystical love poetry by Rumi, a 13th century poet and philosopher lies a remarkable story. Abramson has had ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for five years. Though 90% of ALS patients are dead five years after diagnosis, Abramson is still producing complex, joyous music by only using one finger. He explains, 'When I’m writing music or lyrics I completely get lost in it – I forget that I have any kind of disability.” When you ask him to explain his longevity, he'll say "God was just giving me time to focus on my music.'"

Here's one of his productions for you from the Music page of his website, http://www.rumimusic.com!

I'm sure Lee would Love a visit to his website, or Twitter or Facebook page! And a "Bravo" or quick note, too!


Lee has just thanked me for posting this, so he's reading you here, too! I know he would Love for his music to reach more people, so do forward to anyone who may enjoy it!

We connected through the Rumi tweets that I Love on Twitter, of course, and then email—because he composes little poems for folks! He's a great guy to know!

Here's his Twitter link, where he writes his "Tweetable poetry"—with the flavor of Rumi! It's sublime
and centering...

And here's the little poem he composed for me when I sent him my answers to 5 questions (using here Shakira, mangos, and rowing crew)

Julie and kitty Shakira
Never leave home without mangos
A practice that surely endears ya
When the starter goes bang,  go!

Lee's a joy! I hope you enjoy him, too!

Love and Light to everybody!


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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Loving the Oneness Here and Beyond!
I wrote this blog in response to an open call for posts on "talking to ghosts" on OpenSalon.com! I thought I would share it here, as well!

I Love Poppi’s Open Call because she invites us to talk about what we so often don’t talk about. Of course, she and others Know that this subject of “ghosts” is real--but how often do we deal with this subject matter-of-factly? Not nearly enough, I would say!

I wouldn't call others who appear to speak to us, or to do otherwise, ghosts. We are all simply beings, all of us existing eternally as energy beyond our space-time Universe. And some part of our energy pours forth into physical vessels to go through this experience we call Life on Earth!

Even here on Earth, within this physical dimension, different planes of what we call “reality” exist—though, really, these planes are planes of perception. We call these planes different dimensions, for the sake of separating and categorizing them, in Light of our focused, or narrowed, perception.

As we broaden the expansiveness of our perception, we can surely communicate with, or hear, see, feel, and be emotionally affected by, the presence of other beings not Living with us in our physical, third dimension. As we intend to perceive more than what may be physically in front of us, with practice, we can open to this communication, of course!

Some of us have wider perception than others naturally, and some of us have done less to suppress that ability, or have worked to re-open our perception! In any case, more of all of Life is here for us to understand—just for the asking!

Many kinds of Divine beings also exist, such as angels and other figures from cultures across the world. They exist as energy within Consciousness, just as we do, and they will interact with us as we ask them to. We also can communicate with Loved ones who have passed on from this reality—quite easily—though the point of understanding here is that once crossed over, our family and friends return to pure Joy, the Divine Love we all come from!

Because our Loved ones who have passed are once again thriving in pure Joy and Love, we can only connect with them ourselves on those same frequencies of Joy and Love to interact seamlessly with them! (And we also would have to, say, give them credit for being in that state—and acknowledge that we recognize them!)

With this thought in mind, that this Knowing is here for all of us, I’ll tell you a few, true stories of people I Know and Love!

And I thank you, Poppi, for being you!


John was a friend whom I knew through close friends, and he was in a band that we always used to go see! (They were an awesome band, by the way!) In 1998 at age 36, John died of cancer that was found too late—because the doctors didn’t check someone so young for such a serious disease even when he knew he felt sick.

A group of us went out to dinner when John came back to Boston from his parents’ home in Ohio a month or so before he died. After we all ate and before we left, I sat with him for a few extra minutes and talked with him. Always thin, he was now super-thin, his body ravaged by the disease. He had talked earlier of how he had wanted to run to the car, excited about dinner, and he fell, his body not able to respond to his mind as he’d expect. Now, happy, smiling, chatting as if he had time ahead of him, he pulled his shirt up over his swollen belly and said to me, “See? That’s the cancer.”

His belly was huge, the cancer flourishing, and John was still so sweet and friendly. I smiled and felt pain for him; I felt water in my eyes and hugged him. But looking at his belly, and the obvious location of the disease, I felt the strongest urge to put my hands there and to heal him—to tell him he would be well.

Just weeks later, John died after doing his best to enjoy his Life and his family back home. I never forgot the image of his belly and that urge to lay my hands on him, to heal him, even though the disease was at a late stage at that point. I thought of nothing else as we drove home from that dinner that night, and the thought continued to return to me afterwards that I had wanted to help.

Two years later, I had to stay at home for several days or so after a doctor’s visit, and I spent my time away from work meditating and praying, happy to be resting.  One night, I was up late reading a book by Sylvia Brown that I had just picked up at the pharmacy, and I began reading an exercise for communicating with someone on the other side.

Since John was on my mind, I tried it as I read it. I immediately felt his presence, at first not knowing if it was him or someone else, and I saw/felt him sit beside me on my bed, where I was reading. I told him I had felt that I should try to heal him, that I should have placed my hands on his stomach. And as I went to place my hand where his stomach was now, without form right beside me, I heard a loud, “No!”

I immediately sensed him gesturing my hand away, and as I put my hand square in the middle of his energetic belly, I felt a cold, jarring, metallic current run through my fingers and ping at my joints. And then I heard him say, “I’m happy. I want to be here!” I did understand him, even with some vestige of how I had been feeling.

Then I looked with surprise at my hand as I returned it to holding my book. I looked closer, and I saw that all the joints on all of my fingers had deep bruises on them. I stared in disbelief, but I was still feeling that sensation of cold metal in each joint. I actually made myself see what was so clearly there, right in front of me, because I knew my mind would want to discount it, or simply forget about it when I woke up the next day. I stayed awake reading and watched to see if the bruises would dissipate, but they only slightly lightened over the next few hours.

I knew I was supposed to carry that image of my knuckles with me, as well as the Knowing that came along with it. The greatest gift that John gave me was telling me he was happy, and I understood him.


I worked with Martha at a temp job I took when I first moved to Boston. She decided my nickname was “Awesome,” and she Loved calling me that! Martha was kind and generous and playful with the rest of us, but she had had a hard Life, and alcohol was one way she tried to cope with the hardship and the heartbreak.

Just this past year, when I heard from a friend that she had died, I understood her leaving and asked her if she’d like to talk. When she answered, I asked her how she was doing there on the other side. She said quite clearly, in her own voice and her own inflections, “I don’t know. It’s kinda good, and it’s kinda weird.”

I replied, happy, cheerful, and Knowing she deserved it, of course: “It’s all Love there!”

And Martha, in her own inimitable way, returned with a low, growly, drawn-out, “I Knooow. That’s the kinda weeeeeird part!”

Of course, she had me laughing! And I could never have come up with that myself! When I told the friend of both of ours who had let me know of her death, we laughed together. And she said, “Yup. That’s definitely Martha!”

Martha may have been a little disoriented after her Life experience here, and, of course, she was still playing with us!


On the morning of November 8, 2003, I woke up to the warmest, brightest, most golden Light shining right through me. That flowing energy felt like the sun, but it was shining internally. As that brightness opened my eyes and lifted my Spirit so delightfully, I just wondered with pleasant surprise, “Who is that?” It was clearly a “who” and not a “what”—and I Loved it!

A couple of hours later, I talked to my dad and found out my Grandpa Leo had died from his cancer during the night. Of course, I had made the mistake of listening to my dad during the week—he was in denial about my grandfather dying and told me he was doing well. When my grandfather was saying that week or so that he wanted to go Home, my dad took it literally and told me he was going to go home from the nursing home to his condo.  (I’ve heard of other people I Know saying that, too, and it is so clear what it means as they say it—so I should’ve gotten the message on my own.)

I cried, of course, when I got off the phone, especially since I hadn’t gotten back to California to see him in time--though I knew he was seeing us all now and would be fine himself. After only a few minutes of crying and thanking him for being there with me that morning, I heard his great, hearty, belly laugh ringing through my apartment!

Grandpa Leo’s one of those guys that so many people Love, and his Joy and his laughter are infectious! Every year since he had had his first bout with cancer nine years earlier, his best friend and business partner and all of his employees celebrated his “second birthday” on the date of his surgery for his then-terminal cancer with a big party at work!

He’s one of those people we all always Loved to have around! So when he started laughing that morning, he brought me the enjoyment of his presence, and we just talked and laughed some more!

A good friend of mine who is a gifted psychic told me shortly afterwards that she saw him zooming around looking after everyone—which was just like him! (Our family was split between the West coast, the East coast, and the South.) No one in my family would have to be told that, of course, because he was always there for us in Life!

I continued talking and laughing with Grandpa Leo, and I Loved having his laugh around, as always! And I still always celebrate his “new birthday” every November 8th with Mexican food—his favorite, of course!
~~~I share these true, personal stories here because I Love and respect these Loved ones of mine! And I also Love what a gift it is to open our minds to what we truly Know about ourselves and this Life!

I hope from my heart that we’re all connecting with those we Love—both here and beyond!

Seeing Love and Divine Light in all of us everywhere!


© Julie Shanti. All rights reserved. 
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Loving the Sea of Human Consciousness!
We know our Life from our individual perspective, and at the same time, we form a unique part of the human collective consciousness. As we Live the way we choose to in our own Life, we are helping to shape the experience of humanity on Earth!

As we fill our own minds with thoughts of Love, we begin to reflect that Love to all around us. And the reach of our effect on people goes much further than we can even comprehend! Reflected Light in its purest forms, reflected Divine Love especially, extends further than the other types of energy frequencies that we swim in here on Earth!

So if we choose to fill our Life with these frequencies of Love—mind, body, and Spirit—these very same frequencies reflect all around us in our thoughts, words, and actions. As we reflect this Love in every way we can, especially with dedication and practice, we begin to uplift our experience into the realm of Love and Joy—as we begin to uplift others, as well!

The range of human experience, we Know, lies on a spectrum of energy frequencies, higher and faster or lower and slower. We also Know that all matter and all thoughts are composed of Light and sound waves, and our experience as we move through this world of form reflects greater or lesser quantities of this Light that we are made of.

All frequencies, or vibrations, are valuable in this human experience, and we as a whole have lived here on Earth to experience them in that broad range of frequencies. But we do get to ask, “What do we want our experience to be?” as we Live this Life. As we exercise our free will to choose the nature of our experience and its quality, we also shape the experience of all humanity going forward!

Sometimes we choose to Live Love for ourselves, to bring our own personal experience up to new levels of Love, Joy, and Bliss. Sometimes we choose to walk the path of Divine Love for the sake of helping others, for offering a glimpse of how Loving Life can be! In both cases, in bringing Divine Love into Life for ourselves and for others, all of us are included! Every time we choose to Live Love, we develop a closer connection to our Higher Self, and we always benefit others!

As we move more and more into the realm of Divine Love as we consciously Live it, all of humanity begins to Live a more Light-filled experience than ever before! We begin to choose the frequencies of Love as our predominant energy, and this Love flows from all that we create from day to day. The more we fill our day with Love, the more Love fills our world—in physical reality!

As we meditate on Love and nurture our constant connection to it, the more all of our actions emanate from it. As we continue to choose Love in every moment, our Life becomes a walking meditation, and we are blessed with Living in reverence for all that surrounds us!

The notes of Love we sing in our own Life fill our world of perception with a sound that others can hear. And these notes that ring vibrant and True to everyone everywhere fill the sea of human consciousness with the Divine Love we all can Live!

With so much Love for the way we all create human consciousness together!

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