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Monday, April 26, 2010

Loving the Peace That Brings Us Together!
And so we are clear that we sometimes are surrounded by fear, and we sometimes may feel it ourselves. Yet we surely have known the feeling of Love in some aspects at some times in our lives! It is this aspect—the one that feels like Love –that we want to reach for the most!

Bringing Love into our lives, and letting it fill us and everything we Live, is really just a matter of making the decisions that bring us into alignment with the thoughts and feelings that we Love! How simple is that?

Bringing Love into Life is really quite simple, especially once we are already on track with it. The more joyful aspects we have in how we Live—day to day, moment to moment—the more joy we bring in! The opposite holds true, of course, because of the way energy works—the more struggle we endure, or worse, the more struggle we place ahead of us—until we change the energy we’re Living in!

What it takes to change what we Live for the better is a decision to raise our energy frequencies and to Live in Love no matter what, in the best way we can! This decision itself will precipitate a new way of thinking, which will lead to new ways of acting, once we decide to leave lower energy frequencies, or vibrations, behind!

The change itself is not always easy because we acclimate to whatever habits and tendencies we have, as do the people around us—and also because we may judge ourselves harshly. But with commitment, each of us can achieve change in our personal lives. And the personal rewards of that change are too many to count!

As we decide to Live in Love with Life for the sake of Life itself, we do also have to decide not to embrace all that we may see around us. We will have to sit in stillness at least some of the time to withdraw from the rush, and the sometimes madness, of the world that surrounds us!

In that stillness, in that quiet place of mind, we will find at first a glimpse of Peace, and with practice and dedication, so much more Peace will fill our awareness. In our awareness of Peace, we meet our Higher dimension. And as we move beyond the contrary energies in our world, we begin to Know we all are One!

In our place of Peace and stillness, we flow in the Higher aspects of our mind, and this Higher aspect is where we meet the essence of God, our Source, our Soul! In these Higher dimensions of our mind, where we are eternal, we always Know no separation exists between any of us and the Divine Love that creates us—or from each other, ever!

This Knowing of our Higher Self and of our world as One will always come from within, and not from any authority outside our Self. Nobody in the external world can tell anyone else the way to find Love, so we must each decide to find it for ourselves—by simply deciding to be guided by Love in this Divine world we Live in! As we find the Love that is true to our Self, then we will gather with each other in ways that express the Love we are beginning to Know!

The wonder of this Divine gift is that it is here for everyone! It is simply a practice of choosing to Live in alignment with Love, the Love that breathes through us all!

In Love and Peace for each one of us—and for all of us together!


© Julie Shanti. All rights reserved. 
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Loving Our Embrace of All That Is Higher!
So as we consider the thought of all that is Higher in Life, some transcendent presence beyond our earthly existence, we may begin to Love the idea of Spirit, however we begin to perceive all that is Love, compassion, joy, and bliss!

Even as we ­­­cultivate this presence in our mind, body, and Spirit, we may wonder how we begin to allow it to infuse our daily Life—how we begin to Live at One with All That Is!

This Love of Life that is rich in Spirit is easier to achieve than we may at first think. We are all made of Spirit to begin with—physically composed of the Divine Love and Light energies that make up physical mass—as we perceive those Love and Light energies with our physical senses!

And so, if we turn our attention, our focus, a little away from the immediate physical, sensory perceptions towards the energies that underlie them, we begin to perceive with our broader awareness, our true perception that always exists beyond our sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch!

Although these five physical senses are wondrous in themselves, as they lend themselves to our glorious existence here, we do have an innate Knowing beyond all our sensory input that we exist beyond such a narrow focus. We innately Know, if we can even conceive of the thought of our Self, even in questioning who and what we are, that we exist in Consciousness. Consciousness is itself our true Being!

How, then, do we Live our daily lives at One with Spirit, in tune with our Higher Selves, our Souls? For each of us, Life is all about how we go through it! No choices are greater or lesser than others, and we in truth hold ourselves accountable for how we Live and what we learn from it.

The Truth of this great Divine Mystery is that we let ourselves into the Knowing, into recognizing and embracing the fact that we are all Divine Love itself, here to Live our physical lives on Earth! The archetypal stories of having to solve the riddles posed by the sages, the sphinxes, the wise travelers appearing on roads, abound throughout cultures near and far, old and new. The Truth is always that we let ourselves in, into Knowing the Truth itself. The Truth is we always give ourselves the gift of opening ourselves to the Divine!

In embracing, truly embracing, all that is Divine over all that is limited to physical existence, we leave behind thoughts and mental constructs of what we’ve invested ourselves in, often our intellectual Life’s work. In making this shift to the transcendent over the known horizons of our world, we may discover the treasure that is richer and vaster than anything we could have deferred to before!

I, for one, Love the way the Divine actually enriches everything we can Know here even in earthly terms, in physical properties of how Nature and our Universe work! The more we access true understanding of the Divine Mystery, the more we move beyond seeing limitations that some would ascribe to us in this Life. And we move into greater understanding of the awe-inspiring wonders of Nature and the Universe itself!

I wish for anyone who aspires to embrace the Divine Love that creates our world that the Divine Mystery opens to them easily!

Loving the embrace itself as we Live all that is Higher!


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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Bright, White Light and Its Wild Ride!
I wrote this article for the spring issue of Rick and Beverly Thompson's channeled quarterly newsletter, The Gathering of Angels, available online at www.thegatheringofangels.com. Its messages are filled with love, and I highly recommend it!

Here we are in spring, and the bright, white Light is raising its intensity in a way that every one of us will feel. This phase we are entering, today and for the immediate future, is one of rapid shifting from one energy level to another, much like an amusement park ride—and just as wild! The best thing we can do—and the easiest on our minds and bodies—is to lift our feet off the ground and go with the ride!

Imagine that these fast-moving cars we’re in, say, could literally be on a track. We are being moved through long tunnels that start from the station where we board, where we live right now in our personal energy, to a higher platform nearer to where our Higher Selves wait for us to join them energetically.

What’s new and different about this phase for us is that we’re moving closer to our Higher Selves’ energy while still in our body—and this unique development is key in closing down the old Illusion of separation and duality in our movement to Oneness and an Age of Peace in this world.

Do not feel alone if you are feeling the pressure of the intense Light or these changes. This shift is an experience of the collective, the whole, for certain, and both the Universe and people are here to support you.

The very deepest issues—physical, emotional, familial, relationship—contained in your cells are being purged, brought up to the surface, amplified, and made clear—all so we are able to release them in the bright Light of declared self-Knowledge with clarity about ourselves and our place in this world.

The intensity of these amplified remnants of experience—present or past—in our lives may surprise us, and Spirit and the Light are demanding an exacting accounting and accountability for all that is contained in our energetic fields. We may be moving through long tunnels of doubt about ourselves, or other lower energies, out into the open fields of self-compassion, Love, and joy.

As we move openly out into these new energetic fields already created and calling us, the residue of these old energies within us falls away into the stillness and is transmuted by Love. The demand of these times, not to be ignored or circumvented by us, is that all old issues must be completed. That is the purpose of the influx of Light at this point.

My wish for us all is that, even as we feel the intensity of these changes, we allow ourselves to open and embrace the Love that is driving it all. For certain, this adventure is quite a big one, and we are daring and courageous and vibrant to offer to go through it!

Bless yourself and bless others as often as you can to place yourself gently, caringly, in that place where Love always finds us—and where we can feel Love!

Love to everyone in this bright Light!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving the Call from Above!
We keep busy with our daily lives, and we fill ourselves with the idea of who we are and how we define ourselves in this world. But there’s always a song that sings to us that tells us—if we listen—that we really are something more!

Of course, we are who we perceive ourselves to be as we live this Life, and that perception is surely important as we experience the drama of human experience. But even as we Love this Life that we are living, or question it or hate it or struggle with it, we always may ask ourselves if we are able to open our perceptions wider!

Are we able to perceive a before and after our here and now, a beyond and within that supports us as we play our roles here? Is there a larger force at play that’s more than this simple stage we’re playing on at the moment?

I say listen to that song that’s always playing for us, that always calls us towards those ever-sounding notes of Love, Joy, and Compassion! Listen to that song and follow where it leads us—to a greater understanding of Who We Really Are in the eternal!

What does it take to open our perception, to begin to understand more than before, no matter what it is that we have already known before? How do we open our minds and awaken our Souls to the brighter Light that illumines All, that Light that is the very core of our Being?

If I were to offer here a few, easy steps to join in on this path of Love, of Loving the Illumination, I would offer a few paving stones, perhaps, that help us step—or dance!—toward the broad, broad lane that welcomes us all! Let’s start with acceptance, with heart, and with a wholehearted, “Yes!” to say we want to join in!

In acceptance, we arrive at a bit of inner Peace, a stillness that allows into our body, our breath, our Being, the idea that some larger force or existence lies all around our body and our brain, and whatever we are deciding to do with it in the moment!

This idea of a Higher force, if we allow it to, will seep into our thoughts, in between the over-busy functionings of our mind and into the still spaces in between, where it already and always Lives! This wisp of an idea, if we merely tend to the stillness, if we leave room for the Peaceful spaces, will expand into Knowing. Our awareness expands naturally this way if we truly give it the calm space that it thrives in!

Now, if we offer our heart to that acceptance and to this idea of some existence and presence greater than our own, then we are truly on our way! For in our heart lies the qualities of Love that carry the tremendous, expansive forces of the Universe, the Love and Compassion that build all that we know in our physical world—with the power of Spirit! When we offer our heart to the thought of this Higher presence, even before it becomes Knowing, we move into the realm of Divine Love and all that it offers!

With a “Yes!” to this process, our heart fills and expands with the Love it is made for, with the Love that composes our very Being here—mind, body, and spirit! Our enthusiasm expands our awareness within our everyday lives, as well, bringing as much of our Spirit into our world here as we allow it to. As our heart fills itself with Love, we tap into the power of the very highest, very fastest frequencies that we live in here on Earth—and the momentum of a wholehearted “Yes!” to this Love transforms Life into a living passion!

So, if we like the idea of accepting the thought of a greater Self than we are able to see in the mirror, and if we feel our devotion to this Knowing in our heart, then we can live Love in every aspect of our daily, human Life with the enthusiastic, “Yes!” of passion, for the sake of all that is Divine in each of us—and in our entire world!

Loving the enthusiasm of declaring, “Yes!” to all that is Higher—in each of us!


© Julie Shanti. All rights reserved.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loving the Universe Thatís Always Here for Us!
And so we look forward to new times, to a renewed sense of happiness and perhaps even parts of Life still unexplored, as we release what has happened in the past. But even as we look forward to some new adventure in Life, we may not know exactly how to set out on this part of our journey, or somewhere we may never have ventured before.

We may not know how to trust in this Universe that always Loves us!

How can we know that our journey stretches out joyfully before us? How can this Universe put before us all that we need as we set out with a new vision of Life?

When we begin to create a new Dream that is a part of who we are, the pieces that compose that Dream begin to flow together. While our perception may feel limited to what we can actually see before us, the very act of holding the Dream in mind activates the energy that manifests it for us!

Energy wavelengths that match that vision begin to amass, and as their mass becomes denser, we feel the momentum that brings the realization of that vision to Life.

What we may sometimes lose track of—or sometimes we’ve never learned this amazing fact in the first place—is that Divine Love says, “Yes!” to our thoughts and our Dreams every time! The Divine Love that powers our Universe, that sets all the energies into play and re-creates endless patterns of energy in each infinitesimal moment, always creates what we ask it to create!

The Universe itself, composed as it is of Divine Love, actually serves as a neutral backdrop to what we individually want to create. Wavelengths of energy will arrange and rearrange themselves according to the frequency that we send forth, or literally emit through our thoughts.

So holding a vision for the Life that we want to create, for a Dream that’s authentic and that comes from our heart, will always create that Dream for us in the unseen parts of our Universe!

Our work then is to learn how to work with the energy so we can live the Dream that has been answered with a resounding, “Yes!” to us. That is the eternal promise of Divine Love!

It is this little-understood aspect of the Universe, or this aspect that we possibly haven’t practiced working with quite enough, that makes our intent and our choices so important. Our choosing of each thought, each desire, each avenue that we go down, is the very basis of our Life—and the Living example of Free Will!

As people, we have all learned negative reactions and ideas of lack from others who have come before us, as well as from the systems and situations that were created in the past. So while people may say, “no,” and may actually believe in limitations that would circumscribe our lives, our Universe of Divine Love always, always says, “Yes!”

As we start out from this point, wherever we are at this moment in Life, we can decide to bring a new understanding to all that is given to us by our Universe and Divine Love! We can move past the lack of Knowing that would tell us that we cannot Live the way we wish. And in our new understanding, we can realize that any limitation or lack that we perceive is simply being mirrored back to us!

The gift of Divine Love in this Universe where we Live our physical Life is that whenever we each would like something new, something different, something better in Life, the message to us all is, “Begin again!”

And we can Know in our hearts that our Loving Universe is right here with us, offering us our creations as we Dream our Dreams!

Loving the Universe that always Loves us!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loving How an Idea Becomes a Movement!
As we notice that we ourselves are dealing with change on a daily basis—whether in our homes, our jobs, or our relationships—we may also be unsettled by the larger change that is sweeping across our nation and our world. Change is a good thing, we’ve all heard, because it’s a part of our evolutionary process, our movement to something new and better.

But for this change to feel good, and for it to be markedly noticeable as a positive, we have to move towards something specific, in a specific direction, for support for the change to take hold. As individuals become aware of the positive that comes from change, that awareness will gain momentum and become a movement of the whole, of the collective.

What thought processes, what new ideas would we like to bring to the forefront of our lives as individuals? How can we improve our own personal lives in a way that integrates positively with society?

We benefit when we begin to ask ourselves these questions. And when the momentum of these shifts in thinking brings a positive effect to more and more people, an idea becomes a movement!

And so, given where we stand today, in our own lives and as a whole, as a human population, which direction do we want to move in? What elements make our lives most enjoyable, most comfortable to live, most abundant in every way? How does every part of Life, internal and external, in our own personal space and integrated with others, grow exponentially in Beauty and Peace when it focuses on Love?

What happens when we consciously decide to infuse every part of Life, every particle of our Being, with the Divine Love from which we all come? Isn’t it enticing to think of acknowledging the Divine spark of Light that illuminates us from within, that calls upon our innate Knowing of our true essence, our natural Divinity?

What happens, shouldn’t we ask, when this priceless aspect within each of us is the main basis for all of our thoughts and actions, for the very way we Live among others?

I, for one, Love the idea of basing all of my Life upon this Knowing of Love! When we start with finding our own innate value in our Being, the value that comes from our Creator, our Divine Source, and not an arbitrary, assigned value from anyone outside of ourselves, we become radiant and sparkling from within!

When we maintain this inner radiance by tending to it, by Loving it without interference from any distractions in our external world, then we can also learn the Truth of the Divine essence of everyone who Lives here on this planet with us!

We then Love the Divine not just in people around us or like us, and not just in people who are in agreement with our convictions—but in everyone everywhere around the globe! Once we Live in this eternal Truth of the Divine value of everyone, all of our interactions will necessarily be based in that same Divine Love!

I, for one, cherish the idea of Love and the Knowing of the Divine within everyone! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if so many of us decide to Live by Love and to nurture this idea that it becomes the movement that re-creates and refines, polishes and uplifts this world we Live in?

I am working on it myself, as I know so many of us are in our own ways! I invite you to join us openly if you wish!

Loving the idea of the movement of Divine Love!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Loving the Optimism That Lifts Us Up!
In these times that may feel hard, when the going seems to have gotten rough, we may lose sight, for the moment, of what would lift us up. What does lift us up, every time, is a simple shift in attitude, a new perspective that sets our sights on something new, no matter what’s been happening all around us. And that simple shift in attitude is optimism!

Optimism, as a stance, is a magical thing in itself because it sets its sights on something new and better coming up over the horizon, as surely as the rising Sun! Optimism is bright and sunny itself, if we think about it!

So, what conditions engender optimism, what circumstances bring it about? It is not always the light and happy situations that reinforce it, is it? Often, it is the will to move forward from harder circumstances, from things that have gone wrong, that reinforces our sense of what can and will happen, our Knowing that our true Spirit could live a Life for us that goes really, really right!

Sometimes a collapse of things in daily Life that normally sustain us—beliefs, systems, jobs, even our own personal path—brings us to a place of lack, of hardship or struggle. In these times, our ability to take back our optimism, our right to determine how we feel about our Life, may very well be forged in fire.

In our will to thrive, to do well and feel happy, our Knowing of a greater Source than what we may have been relying on surges forth. In these moments, our capacity to feel optimism becomes quite literally as strong as iron!

All of Nature always Knows that Life force surges on, even in the face of the greatest disasters. The way of the world is to naturally continue on, to move immediately in the direction of thriving with new shifts, new growth, new Life forms! To do anything less, to stay in the state of catastrophe or to feel lost or alone, is peculiarly human.

The key, then, is not to stay down when the cycles of Life bring us to low points. The key then is simply and always to begin again!

Nature thrives and Knows it thrives no matter what! And so do we, if we can be in touch with our true essence, our Spirit, which is always connected to Source!

In optimism, we happily Know that events continually reshape themselves; in optimism we expect each new outcome to turn out for the very best! And in this expecting, optimism will always bring us back to Love!

Optimism actually gives us a release from the conditions around us, gives us what meditation may call detachment. Observation of conditions around us is merely a tie that binds us, while optimism is the ability to feel that spark of Love or happiness—no matter what! As we can see, optimism truly helps us along our way to Unconditional Love!

The Knowing that all of Life truly comes from Love, from our Divine Source, needs no justification. Optimism is simply our nature because it is the triumph of the human Spirit!

So if you’d like to do something nice for the people around you today—and certainly for yourself—share a little optimism with them—on any subject!

Shining an optimistic faith in you and in all of Life, with Love!

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