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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Loving the Soft, Quiet Place of Gratitude!
Even as we may be coming through hard times ourselves, we may find solace in the simple thought that things will get better. Things always get better than the worst of times if we give ourselves over to the natural rise and fall of cycles that are everywhere in our Universe!

What dies will be rebirthed; what falls apart or breaks down will be rebuilt.

As we find an image in our mind of what comes next, of what our new Dream looks like, we can focus on that new image to find a growing confidence and excitement! As our excitement grows, we come nearer to that new Dream in actuality!

The thought of rebuilding our lives, in part or in whole, may not be an appealing thought, and we may find ourselves reluctant to begin again or to find new ideas of what keeps us fulfilled. But as we begin to create that new image of what may please us, of how we would like to Live now, we may find Light filling our minds and our lives again with an even greater promise than before. That is the way our Universe works!

And so, if we know we are willing to head someplace new in Life, even with some uncertainty and hesitation, we may next ask how to go about it. After all, the new is often unknown. And it may often be radically different from the way we feel we Live right now, especially when we are experiencing difficulty.

The answer may seem counter-intuitive or, even more, incomprehensible from the vantage point of struggle, but the answer is, in fact, one of utter simplicity: Let the Universe do the work for you! And find a place to rest yourself in quiet thankfulness.

Personal movement to a better place in Life is actually birthed from the very struggle we went through in the first place. And in that creation of a Life that is better to Live, the Universe does actually, truly, begin to assemble the new components of our Life as we Dream it. That is the promise of Grace to us all, ever-evolving and always returning us to a place of Divine Love, without fail!

One way to begin aligning with that place of quiet thankfulness, that place of restedness in mind, body, and Spirit that puts us in touch with Gratitude, is to breathe deeply, fully, gently and to count all the gifts that Life brings to us! Let’s especially be thankful for all that we know of Life in its simplest forms—the Beauty of Nature all around us, the gift of other people we know, the magnificent organization of our vast and expanding Universe!

When we breathe and let go of our thoughts of the day, we can truly feel all that is glorious in this Universe! And in Knowing that glory that is all of ours to take part in, we do, in fact, fall so easily into that soft, quiet place of Gratitude!

In distraction, or even in seeking, we may ask, “But how does our Universe do that?” And the real answer, the Higher answer, my friends, is to simply marvel and wonder at it! Because the Universe and its mysterious ways are bigger than all of us!

Truly, that wonder is something I give thanks for!

Wishing you all the Lovely gifts that come with Gratitude!

In Love and thankful Light,

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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Wisdom of the Trees 2 (Fiction Friday)

Happy Friday to you! Here's the next excerpt from a little book of mine, from the beginning! Loving the trees and their wisdom as spring moves into season!


Love to you!  Julie



“Find Grace and Beauty in reaching for the Sun,
even when storms rage around you!”


I went out to sit with my tree because it felt like many things, unseemly things, were swirling around me—the news of the day, media and politics raging all around, people being rude and grasping for things that didn’t belong to them, like other people’s dignity. And so I sat beneath my tree, in the middle of this cold winter, and I looked up to the sky to see the branches dancing above me!

My breathing became rhythmic and deeper, the cool, crisp, clean air filling my body and cleansing my system as it flowed through me. I could feel the cleansing, the coolness and yet fullness, and as I fell deeper into myself, I listened. I listened to my heartbeat and the magic of clean air moving around gently inside me. And the air became sweet and soft, and then I heard it.

“Find Grace and Beauty in reaching for the Sun, even when storms rage around you!”

I nodded gently, the softness lulling me, and I heard this wisdom so deeply that nothing was around me in that moment. I heard only Nature, and I realized at once that my tree was talking to me—again. I listened attentively, and I knew the depth of the meaning for me echoed around this place endlessly. And I felt rested and taken care of, by my friend, this tree.

A simple walk outside the door of the home where I was staying opened a new world to me, and I wondered why we don’t all do this again and again to restore Balance to our day. It was a good question.

Find Grace and Beauty in reaching for the Sun, I thought again. Certainly, by now, not many moments later, the storms around me had already fallen away. I looked up at the Sun and saw it was shining brightly even though it wasn’t warming on this wintry day.

The brightness spoke to me and held me transfixed in my seat on the ground, as I leaned up against my tree. As I stared without moving, Grace and Beauty flowed to me and poured all around me, and the Sun filled me with a force that felt new to me, compared to what I had just walked away from.

I reached for the Sun. The stretching felt good, and I felt more space in my arms, more airiness in my cells for Love and emotion to flow around. I thanked my tree, and with the back of my head supported against its strong, Loving trunk, I knew I was smiling deeply.

I thought I was beginning to get the hang of this. And I knew I would return again and again.




© Julie Shanti, from The Wisdom of the Trees

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Loving the Fast-Moving Ride to Bliss!
We live in times where we may be surrounded by both negative energy that flows throughout society, as well as the most positive, promising energies ahead—if we aren’t already living them individually!

For any of us who are interested, we may ask, “How do we get from here to there, from life as we know it and some of the problems we’ve encountered to Life that truly fulfills our ideas of Bliss?”

The answer may be easier to access and easier to implement than we think!

“Letting go” is a phrase we hear often, and yet it’s one that may require a serious practice, an intentional new discipline, to actually know how to do it. Most of us in adult life have picked up negative habits, reactions, and memories along this path of our life, and we may be tending layers of belief systems, acknowledged or not, that limit or seek to control how we live and what we can achieve.

What “letting go” really means is skipping along the energy wavelengths of Joy, living in the frequencies from where we all naturally come, from Divine Love. Watch any child who’s not being restricted in the moment, and we can observe this naturally free, happy disposition that is our birthright. Think free-falling in a skydive or letting go of a rope swing over water, and think of how little control we have in those moments.

It is in these moments of freedom, of letting go to let natural laws take care of us, that we find this true representation of Who We Really Are. Of course, airplanes and skydiving aside, the very thought of figurative free-falling will bring many of us fright or other impulses. And yet, this place is the place where we still need to learn to go—in our minds!

Our energy will shift for us if we simply allow it to resume its natural balance. And in our current times of energetic shifts for everyone on our Earth, we can decide to go with these shifts to experience a fast-moving ride to a state of Bliss, where Divine Love welcomes us!

The energetic currents that are shifting all around us right now are so strong that they make me think of an amusement ride—the kind that we may, at first, be frightened to board! The fast-moving cars of this ride, operated beyond our control, will take us on an exhilarating, lightning-fast journey, as if hurling us along on a track to a higher platform to increasingly fast energy frequencies. We just have to decide to get on, pick up our feet, and go with it!

This ride of fast-moving Joy will move us quite suddenly and with a certain jerkiness and lurching, perhaps, through long tunnels of doubt, or even lower frequencies, where we might have been living up until now. We’ll move up and onto entirely new platforms, where all that surrounds us will feel Lighter, brighter, more joyful somehow!

This beautiful, new growth for us all is really the Heart of who we have been all along! Now is simply when we Remember! We are rising to meet this Truth, ascending, so to speak, to embody more of our eternal essence, our Soul, our Spirit, here in our Life on Earth!

We can easily make our choices to meet these global and personal changes without resistance! The frequencies of energy all around us are increasing relentlessly at this point, and all we have to do to Love being a part of this plan is say to ourselves, “Just go with it!”

We may think of the old, classic references to the reluctant hero or heroine on the epic journey that is Human Life, the one who doesn’t always know who he or she is but who always accomplishes something great in the end! That hero, in Truth, is each of us!

I would wish for you, if you wish it for yourself, to move freely and enthusiastically with the higher frequencies coursing through your own energetic field, your body and mind and Spirit—because Bliss truly awaits us all!

Seeing the fast-moving Bliss of Divine Love in us all!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Wisdom of the Trees (Fiction Friday)

Happy (late) Friday night to you! Here's an excerpt from a little book of mine, from the beginning! Hoping we're all starting to see the new growth of spring all around us -- and in the trees and in ourselves!


Love to you!  Julie




Come sit with us, and we’ll tell you a story! Of how everything grows, even in the cycles of hot and cold, from lush to barren, from dropping and fallen to re-grown. Even Time is not what you think it is. Come sit with us, and we’ll tell you our Wisdom, the simple Knowing we gather as we grow! Come sit with us for this telling, so we can bring to you what Heaven Knows.

Heaven does Know.


I did need someone to look to, someone to talk with, as I took care of problems that were not my own. As I tried to re-stabilize my grandparents, who were growing old. Grandparents who had been ill and gotten through it, who had lost their business, and who had not grown into this stage of Life with the fullness we all can Know.

And so, for a break, for respite, for a pause, I went out and sat under the trees, the big, beautiful, stately trees, to breathe. To see their Beauty. To feel like me again, for the moment. And when I did, they talked to me. They talked to me of Life so Beautiful, of Wisdom only trees would Know because they live it. They talked to me, as I felt not myself, of what Heaven always Knows.


Reach for the Sun, and feel its Life force flowing to you!


The day was cold, and my outlook felt bleak at the moment. I looked out into the wintry yard full of trees and asked for solace. I asked for conversation in this too-quiet house, full of the wrong kind of noise, and I heard those words, and they sounded good to me.

I walked outside, and I did look up at the bright, bright sun, shining against a frozen landscape. I was bundled up, so I walked aimlessly into the yard, still staring up, beginning to breathe and starting to smile. The sun always feels good, always warms my Soul; I know it brings me Life from my core. I Loved the cold-looking trunks of the trees, sturdy and strong, and drawn in, I sat above the roots of one.

Air reached my lungs, and I breathed deeper, falling into a rhythmic lulling that felt like the answer to what I was feeling—not enough breathing, not enough movement, not enough laughing, not enough Joy. For the time, I was a caretaker, and my priority was not my own thriving. But here, outside, sitting above the roots of my tree, leaning against its solid, supporting trunk, the tree one amongst many, I looked up and watched the patterns of the bare branches against the sky. And I felt better.

Not until later that day, or even the next, breathing in the very sound of these words, these inviting, warming, encouraging words, did I realize what was happening even though it could have been obvious all along.

Of course! The trees were talking to me: Reach for the Sun, and feel its Life force flowing to you. Literally.

And so it began, the trees telling me how they survive, what they Know, and more, what is Life’s Beauty. They began to speak with the Wisdom of ancients, with Knowing that would come from growing up from the ground and reaching into the sky. They spoke their strength, unquestioned and worthy, and lent me their foundation to lean upon.

They drew me into the great Mystery we might so often ponder but might not understand with a different eye to this world of revolving wonder. They danced and sang, in their own way, telling me stories of the stars and the moon and the vastness of space—and new things we can see if we try.

They helped me understand myself and even my family.

It was a wonderful camaraderie we shared, the trees and I. And that was just the beginning.




© Julie Shanti, from The Wisdom of the Trees

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Loving Our Rainbows in Light of Our Choices!

We live in a field of energy, wavelengths that run across a spectrum of frequencies, a certain range of which are available to us to resonate with. These frequencies bring us Love, Light, Sound—the very basis of our life as we know it here in physical reality.

We can see a spectrum of Light energy before us in rainbows, in Light refracted through prisms of water or glass or more. And we know how this spectrum of Light frequencies that we see in rainbows works.

When we choose our thoughts, we choose the energy frequencies that we resonate with; we choose the vibrations that we fill our mind, body, and surroundings with. The frequencies of our thoughts lie on a spectrum as does Light in a rainbow, from longer and slower to shorter and faster.

Just as Light wavelengths refract differently into different colors, so our thoughts also shape different thought-forms for us. As we continue to think thoughts of a certain frequency, that mass of wavelengths grows denser and denser until it is something we can actually perceive in our physical reality.

In this way, as we choose which thoughts we repeat, we choose where we reside in our own personal rainbows!

We know that all thoughts are perceptions, perceptions formed by the frequencies we tune ourselves in to receive, from a vast field of energies that represent possibilities. All possibilities for our physical lives here on Earth already exist in this great field of energy—just like all the colors of the Light spectrum already exist, at once, in the clear, bright, white Light we perceive!

So how do we choose our thoughts, and what does that mean in terms of the energy that we fill ourselves and our lives with?

Our thoughts correspond to a range of emotions as we live on continual streams of energy. And that thought-energy always evokes a reaction in our body that we decipher as emotions. The spectrum of emotions, just like the colors of a rainbow, ranges from lows of fear and despair to highs of joy and Love and appreciation.

Our Soul, our Spirit, which always exists beyond the physical plane of this Earthly life, resides in the high, fast frequencies that reflect our true essence. What we call God, our Creator, exists as the highest energy of Love, faster even than the frequencies of Light. This force of God we can’t truly perceive from our human perspective, but we Know it in our core, in our heart, because it is our Origin, our Source, from where we all come!

As we choose thoughts that have higher frequencies—hope, optimism, joy, Love—we move in increments up along the spectrum to where our Soul always exists—in that highest part of our rainbow! Where our Soul lives, in Love, in the frequencies of our Source, all that we ask for in Love is given!

In Remembering our Truth, our essence, we Remember that all thoughts here on this physical plane are fleeting, a momentary construct. And we Know we get to choose the thoughts we keep around, to re-create them again and again!

As we choose which part of our own personal rainbow we live in, we can feel the soft and gentle weight of our choices. And the nature of our choices is the gift that we give to ourselves as we color our lives.

As long as we’re choosing, and we are because that’s how we’re created, I’d enthusiastically encourage us all to choose light and happy, colorful and bright lives—if we wish!

Loving the rainbows we create for ourselves, in Light, 


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Friday, March 12, 2010

Loving the Path That's Joyfully Calling Us! Ch 3

Here's Chapter 3 of my little book, Along the Winding Path--A Little Personal Journey! My Love to you for following along!

This story is part myth, part meditation, a fictional story about finding the spiritual path in the midst of our everyday world. We are now moving through the mythical land of everyday obstacles on our way to that place of Peace and Love that we find in harmony with the Eternal!

Peace and Love to you!   Julie



The Mad Cyclone




I wandered along, somewhat circuitously, enjoying the meandering pace of all that flowed with me—wisps of a breeze, almost still drifts of the current, the small and quiet creatures of the forest floor. I felt happy to slow the pace, so content with the place that I wanted it to last forever. Peace of a kind I had never felt before saturated me, and I felt light myself on the inside.

As I embraced this new realm, I wondered with earnestness, “How can I let other people know about this place, about this peace?”

I thought of my parents and others’ parents, friends from my workplace, and people I knew who weren’t easily able to find anything positive on a day-to-day basis. We’ve all gone through difficult straits, long tunnels of doubt before surfacing to a bright, new world again. We’ve felt long, continuing, gray haziness and have lost track of the fact that we could want and have better when we felt that way. From where I walked now, I could not believe that anything could return me to that gray world of not knowing, and I deeply wanted others to know.

Right then a great crash, as of piercing metal not just of our earth, tore through the quiet. Then a monstrous maelstrom, greater than the largest cyclone I had ever seen on TV, followed on that unholy noise. Seen on TV, I say, because I had never seen one in person. And by the looks of this approaching storm, I resolved never to see another one again. The clanging of unseen objects that were thrashed around was interlaced with a huge and frightening noise that turned out to be human voices.

“Who in the world,” I sputtered with trepidation even as I felt safe in my own sphere.

I shaded my face in the crook of my arm and felt the need, perhaps forgetting where I was, to protect my eyes. I felt a harsh wind filled with grainy particles that only added to the abrasiveness of it all. The rush of noise was unrecognizable in tone but filled with distinct conversation. I shuddered with absolute disgust as I struggled to perceive a realm so greatly contrasting the peaceful state I had just been in. And with a slow dawning, I knew that once again I was seeing our daily life as we know it.

“Blech,” I spat in my overwhelming reaction to it.

I peered into this crowd, my eyesight now adjusting to seeing something so horrendous that I would just as soon have passed it by. And, of course, the folks closest to me were once again people I knew, people I saw working in my office building, driving around town, eating out. Cars played a large role in this new land, and they seemed to grow into larger and larger vehicles, whether trucks or SUV’s or tank-like machines, as if creating an everyday war zone in our civilian world. Once I thought about that concept, it didn’t seem so strange after all. I had seen it everyday.

What I did notice was that the people were creating this ferocious storm themselves. It started with their rushing around, and then they built more and more anxiety with every motion, until they lost all thought processes and acted out a pure, disembodied aggressiveness that you wouldn’t believe. Unless you’ve stepped outside lately to cross a street, go for a drive, or enter a public place.

By the force of their own willpower and intentions, these people had en masse summoned up natural forces beyond their control. And yet they urged this storm on, wanted it to grow, as if whoever created the greatest part of the gale force wind would win a twisted game. And everyone there wanted to win.

“Not a title I’d want,” I said directly to them, though no one cared.

Once again, I decided to check out the scene, though I knew I would do so without a moment’s pleasure. I was beginning to figure out that I was here to learn, and I knew that this path had been more brought to me than I to it, and so I watched with deference. And, besides, I hoped for improvement for myself. Help is a good thing, whether I’m receiving or giving it. And so I began to pick out what was going on in the middle of that terrible storm.

The great masses of cars were the hardest thing to see past, so I set my sights on them even as I flinched and ducked the entire time. I could find no actual starting flag for this mammoth, unmarked raceway, but apparently green flags were dropping all over the place. Engines revved, cars screeched out of control, and people drove to no place in particular, or at least they never got to wherever they were going. The race was endless and without anticipated destination, as far as I could tell.

If they were running on the famed point system, then they were racking up plenty as they ran over everything in sight—yards, objects, people, other cars, and each other. Nobody actually got hurt, unlike in our part of this Earth; everyone just popped right back up so they could keep on racing around in what amounted to a Sisyphean endurance test.

In my disbelief at how crazy people wanted to be, I wondered if there’d be any relief when these mad women and men ran out of gas. But long as I waited, it never happened. “We need imports, for sure,” I told myself. “We definitely have to keep this going.”

And then I feared as I saw the 15-year-old’s being prepped and readied to enter this motor-storm. It seemed unfair for us adults to create this mess and then lead the kids into it at the risk of their lives, not to mention sanity. The days of kites and bicycles, for both adults and children, sounded uncommonly pleasant to me at that moment, as never before.

Once I could take the shocking effect of the speedway for granted, I could see into the everyday social situations that these people were engaging in. I saw them all interacting in office places, retail stores, and restaurants, not to mention within relationships and families. Long gone were the days of thoughtful consideration and genuine caring. I watched as men and women, old and young, ran over each other in the same way that the cars were doing.

Those voices that had at first frightened me so were coming from everywhere, sharp and robotic, transformed from the grace and thought of humankind. And everyone was still playing to win that horrible game of topping one another, now verbally.

Inside modern buildings, executives running companies literally walked right over their employees, and the employees walked on whomever they could. Elsewhere, other people went out to buy things at their leisure but had completely forgotten the concept of leisure. They harangued salesclerks with trivial needs and desires as if they were life and death issues worthy of snapping and screaming. And salesclerks, or at least the ones not completely flattened by all that, were rude as a matter of course. I shook my head to get the ringing out of my ears.

Getting a little too used to this whole scene in general, I could identify a ringing that sounded like unhappy chimes underscoring this nightmare symphony.

“Aha, phones,” I thought.

Just like the cars here, these phones had outsized their true purpose, which was originally about connecting people. That dreaded epidemic and absolutely necessary convenience, the cell phone, rang from every pocket, purse, hand, table, and even car. I saw the phones and the conversationalists they owned disrupt every meal at those rude restaurants and take the place of face-to-face conversations in stores and even offices. And, hard to behold, I watched as the phones rang over wedding vows from front-row seats, unquieted funerals, and overpowered babies’ births.

Unbelievable as all those sights were, I’d tell you not to ask me about the drivers who were talking on their phones. The promise of paradise only afforded me so much good behavior myself.

Worse than this overreaching rudeness was the state of relationships between all people, no matter who they were. I watched, disheartened, because adults no longer respected children and children no longer respected adults.

Frightened, I saw scenes of abuse on all levels, abuse that could only occur because other people had no value to those who were outraged beyond reason. One car screeched to a stop right in front of me, and a teenaged boy opened his passenger-side door and started to get out at the corner. His young girlfriend reached over to him as he stepped halfway out in the street and yanked him back into the car. She kept a hold on him and sped off before he shut his door, she screaming all the while.

As I backed away from this catastrophe, I grew incensed and felt a hint of rudeness welling up in myself in response to so much wrongdoing. I wanted to remove myself from such a storm and, thus, excused myself politely to nobody in particular, since nobody heard and nobody cared. As I distanced myself from this cyclone, I could see its edges spinning and kicking up dirt and trash of all kinds.

Not sure whether I was really seeing a small dog trying to escape the furious whirlwind, I called to him anyway, “Toto, I want to go home, too!”


 e e  f f

As I resumed walking squarely down the path, I looked gratefully to the river, and I began to understand what a true friend this river would be no matter what hardships might befall me. The sight of the joyful current restored my faith in my community, and I could look to my surroundings to see what they had to offer.

The beauty was growing more lush, I noted, but I knew that the horrifying human beings caught in the cyclone could not see it. And what they were missing was truly grand, flowers in bloom springing up everywhere, tall and wild and small and delicate, of every color that I wanted to see. This great, meadowy forest floor surrounded me with its beauty and kept me in that place, mentally and emotionally.

I looked to the expanse to my right and noticed that nobody moved across the windy boundaries of that nasty storm, nobody moved in and out of it freely as a few had back in that icy, blue TV land. Everyone caught up in this storm was engaging in it at full blast, as if incurably mad. I did see others, however, who had steered entirely clear of the madness, and they were all heading to higher places.

Kindness was the rule with these folks, and even from a distance, I could see caring and considerateness in the smallest of gestures. I felt with relief that I was witnessing a throwback era, a time of manners and courtesy seemingly past in our country, but I thankfully knew that these people were acting in the here and now and were heading into our future.

Small, soft bunnies scurried in front of me on this path, and they hopped away into the low entryways of some dense bushes.


© Julie Shanti, from Along the Winding Path—A Little Personal Journey
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Loving the Intense Light and What It Means to Us!
With spring, we are now moving into clear, bright Light that warms us all, even as it illuminates all that’s before us!

In many cases, this Light brings us all that is good, and in some cases, it highlights areas where we may have trouble. And while the first illumination is joyful, the latter illumination may feel painful. And pain isn’t a place where we need to stay.

The intensity of Light energy is increasing around us here on Earth. It is the great time we live in as events in space affect our energies, and, thus, our lives here on our planet—with the interplay of solar flares, magnetic field changes, our positioning near the photon belt of our galaxy, and more.

The intensity of this Light gives us the opportunity to live, literally, a more enlightened life than ever before, especially as we come to Know the true nature of our magnificent beings, our true Self that exists in many dimensions and not just here in our time-space Illusion. Knowing our true Self means, and is also called, Remembering Who We Really Are.

What this increased Light and the higher frequencies of energy bring to us is a better way to move through energy, an enhanced way to live in Mastery of it—in short, a better command of all that we live as we live at One with all of the elements that compose our life here on Earth!

This increased Light that we can feel so easily, if we simply tune into it, gives us our chance to live a brighter life if we choose to move with it!

If we understand the Light, the very life-sustaining force given to this Earth, the force that brings us here in the first place and allows us to play on this great stage of the Illusion, then we can begin to understand our role in playing with it, in utilizing it to create the pieces of a grander composition of music, of Sound and Light energy, for ourselves and for the larger world stage!

What this Light gives us, and what this illumination of our true Self reveals to us, is our true power, our power to live life in the way that we choose it, a power that’s called Self-Mastery.

And so here we are, Knowing Who We Really Are, and Remembering the stage that we stand on. We understand that a whole spectrum of Light energy surrounds us, and that that is the substance of which we all are really made as we inhabit this world.

With that Knowing and Remembering and understanding, what we can do now is choose the music we wish to play, conduct the symphony we weave all around us, orchestrate how all of these notes we hear and know and sound interplay with all that is beyond us, as we play the song that says, “I AM here. I have lived.”

In the midst of this symphony of Light and images and notes that play, a great chorus exhorts us, “Reach for joy! Reach for abundance! Live all that you want to live, for it is given!”

Our Source, our God, our Universe truly sends us all that we need to live this life happily in the way that we each see best. All that we can dream of already lies embedded in the Light wavelengths and frequencies that surround us—for we are not able to perceive anything that doesn’t already exist as a possibility, a given reality, for the One Mind who creates us!

Reach out for the frequencies that feel like joy! Dream the dreams that give your life a feel of ever-expanding! And Know that you absolutely have the God-given ability to command these elements, these notes, these entire tunes into place!

That command, my friends, that Knowing that Life is meant to be exactly what you live in it, is the actual act of giving yourself self-empowerment! And Knowing that, let it be so!

In Knowing that we all are so self-empowered in this bright Light of our approaching spring!

With Love and bright, intense Light,

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Along the Winding Path That's Joyfully Calling Us! Chapter 2

Here's Chapter 2 of my little book, Along the Winding Path--A Little Personal Journey! Many thanks to you all for following along!

This story is part myth, part meditation, a fictional story about finding the spiritual path in the midst of our everyday world. We are now moving through the mythical land of everyday obstacles on our way to that place of Peace and Love that we find in harmony with the Eternal!

Love to you,   Julie


The Media Monster


"What is my purpose here?” I have asked myself many times. I have spent my life both devoted to the idea of my calling and also feeling totally separated from it most of the time. I have wanted to help people, and as a friend and as a family member, I have often done that. I have had misguided forays, which felt more like forced marches, into jobs that I have not wanted, and I have also had the absolutely perfect opportunity to follow my passion but did not take it. I thought at the time, with all the heartbreak possible, that the opportunity was not mine to take.

How many of us have done the same, whether in regard to work or people, callings or great loves? How many of us walk through these finished streets of ours knowing absolutely that our joy, our purpose, our divine mission in life is something we are not doing, or that it has to do with something that we do not have?

I spent many years lost in these questions, restricted from moving forward by the weight of seeming failure. Were I a modern psalmist, I would have cried, “O Lord, O Lord, where are You in my life? Why have You left me here? Why have You helped me, so surely carried me through unbearable times, only to have brought me here in the first place so that I could fail?”

I love the psalmists and their absolute nakedness before God, crying and mourning and rejoicing in successive breaths. I remember first hearing that we are supposed to have that kind of relationship with God, laying before Him and Her all in our souls, troubles and moods, fears and foulness of temperament. I did not understand it at the time and did not think I could do it. It did not, somehow, feel appropriate. And total intimacy was not something I was allowing into my sense of the spiritual.

As I started down the path, such troubles and just-dawning understanding still enrobed me, floated along with me as a best-friend shadow. It was a comfort, or discomfort, zone that I knew well, though the questions and longings and separation no longer weighed me down like leg shackles. It was just a part of my being, a part that both led me to the path but also kept me from bounding down it, leaping and turning in joy like the puppies in the park, so much earlier.

Shedding outer skins sounded like a good thing to do at this point. Snakes, long a symbol of good fortune before Christian symbolism, renew themselves seasonally, as should we, I suppose. Most of us, though, just can’t get past the slithery, no-legs image in our heads.

                                                                   e e  f f

Quite quickly I came across a priest, a snail, and a common garden pea who together went out for a walk, seeking exactly what you would expect the three of them to seek. I’m kidding, actually. The three of them, including the garden pea, were just out for a walk.

I soon noticed, to my delight, that a river was running near this path, which was becoming a clearer travelway as I walked. The river was to my left, always within sight or sound of the path, a happy, life-giving thing, I thought. It was wide but not unbridgeable and had plenty of span and depth to carry much life with it. Lily pads floated in families at some little inlet points, and I listened raptly to the slopping sound of little waves hitting the shore. Tiny peaks of current sparkled and glistened in wide, reaching patterns, and the dance of light echoed the shimmering leaves and accompanied me on my way.

Light everlasting, I thought. Too happy to think, I contemplated only beauty itself.

If soothing my soul was the purpose of taking this path, then it was working. The calm, deep and present and palpable, was certainly the first gift of the path. And it was a gift that I knew would not end.

Whether I was sitting and enjoying or walking still I cannot recall, but in any case, I was moving forward, floating ahead of my center of gravity, going deeper without effort. It was a new stage worth savoring, and any concept of rushing or pressing forward or doing the work of breathing, had fallen away from every part of my being.

                                                                   e e  f f

To have the wonder of a child is to be very young still, I had thought. To reenter that wonder as an adult is to win a hard-earned reward, and to begin to live in it would be Heaven on Earth.

I began to think that maybe I had found Heaven, walked into it unknowingly but drawn hypnotically all the same. But I remembered, too, the friend who had reminded me that Heaven and Earth are not two separate and distinct places, with mutually exclusive boundaries. And all the great readings point to that, also. So here, in fact, I had found the place suffused with All-That-Is, love and light and peace and beauty beyond all our cares.

I knew it without exactly being able to identify it; I could relate it without being able to explain it.

Yet as I walked along, I began to recognize whole arenas of real life surrounding me in this mystical, wooded realm. These arenas were off to the sides a bit, but fully acted out and in process, with people and things we are used to in our usual surroundings. I somehow walked through these little pieces of our world, through and just beyond. I was fully aware of the people and the dramas they were enacting, but at the same time, I was strangely and wonderfully untouched, unaffected by them. I felt invaded by an eerily complete serenity, material and dense in its energy, and I felt made wise and enlarged by the understanding it lent me. I felt honored to be in such a place.

And right smack in the middle of my reverie came the ear-shattering blare of a giant TV set. The sudden jumble of noises assaulted me in both sensory and spiritual ways. And the distortion of energy from all the frequencies was so great that I could no longer move through space in the same way at all. The tree limbs above seemed to crackle and spark even though they surely could not be damaged by this other-worldly insult.

As I listened, intent, to this cackling in order to discern what it was and what it was about, I realized that it contained radio stations as well, the grating, harping voice of a famed, local DJ ringing through the din.

“What on Earth?” was all I could manage to think.

Though I kept moving, the force of this interference was great enough to slow me as if I were walking through intractably thick water. The icy-blue light of the air buzzed in the form of airwaves snow. When I looked to my right, it seemed that whole populations of people were transfixed in this noise soup, and I could hardly tell if they were acting out full, living lives. It seemed to be a zone that drained all dynamics from the life force, and it seemed to stop the meshing of energy even between the people who thought they were interacting. It was a strange fog that was self-created and turned up by the people enveloped in it.

I looked closely at the nearest group of people and with a gasp recognized faces from my own town: neighbors, grocery store clerks, civic leaders. As far as I could see, this tribe of sorts extended further and further out of reach, with a surface depth unimaginable. I saw that even with their seemingly apparent differences and idiosyncrasies, these people were all essentially the same, as if bound into a large, flat collage with uninteresting glue. I knew that this crowd was our very own country itself.

And seeing small children being raised to be more and more lethargic, fed on a constant diet of this strange sustenance, confirmed my conclusion. Odd, too, but a vast number of couches and old easy chairs grew from the ground throughout this land. I remembered myself parked on my own at home all too often. I always preferred my couches and chairs overstuffed, comfortable enough that I didn’t want to get up out of them. Plump, much the way my body wanted to become as I lounged in them.

Next to this vast and impenetrable land mass of entranced people were other similar but different land masses of people. I saw with great curiosity and interest the different costumes and customs, clothes colorful and varied, but the people had the same hypnotized, low-level energy. Our near cousins in Western lineage wore similar clothing and had similar living areas but filled the air with the charm of accents not our own. Other Germanic and Romantic languages combined in a music of sorts only to be overridden by the airwaves sound.

More exotic, more distant neighbors formed a spectrum of worldwide cultures. I spotted fezzes and turbans bobbing slightly; saris and mandarin jackets; tribal, beaded necklaces; and more rarely, animal skins all languishing under the spell of worldwide transmission. The global climes themselves were detectable in the background of this fog, from searing hot all the way to frigid, soaked with rain and arid and desiccated, all bound together and visible here.

Struck by this vision, I stood absolutely still, able to see for the first time our world itself as a single entity. Nice, I thought, except for the fact that the competing cacophonies were weighing down these great masses, offering to give people thought but actually taking free thinking away. Their freedom as souls was held low to the ground, underneath the blue energy, slowed down to a barely moving, narrow bandwidth.

Then pockets here and there rang with foul and strident noise, as if about people living their lives in unbelievable ways, people goaded by these airwaves into unlikely and unseemly behavior. Odd spectacles these folks made of themselves, and the air of exploitation took on the stench of a city dump. The term trash TV took on even more meaning to me.

I saw also hate and propaganda stirred up, not only by names known for such a thing here in our own homeland, and not only in faraway lands. Right in front of me, starting with my own hometown, I could see misinformation in every shade. With the air so thick with this more and more unappealing buzzing, I could see the difficulty people encountered if they even tried to extricate their own thoughts from the fog.

Bent down and huddled over internally, mentally protecting themselves from the onslaught of noise-energy that zapped them constantly, these people no longer hoped for growth. They no longer yearned to look upward or to move about freely, to thrive in quiet or to be free.

As I peered through these ranks of men and women, teens and children with empathy, I began to feel the oppressive weight of their atmosphere. Not wanting to sink into their gloom, I summoned a deep, deep breath and with a great sigh of relief, I regained movement of my own.

I kept breathing long, full breaths and by force of will moved my legs forward since they had acquired a temporary heaviness as I watched the lifeless crowds. As I moved past the dense center of the blue gloom, I found the atmosphere lightening and becoming more and more airy again. Towards the edges of the fog, things were getting less and less noisy, and I was relieved to see people moving about more freely even as they sometimes tuned into the airwaves. I can’t tell you how refreshing the sight was of those who actually left the blue borders of this strange land whenever they wanted to. I saw that these people clearly set their sights on other things to do and other ways to entertain themselves.

Glad to catch sight of the river flowing freely on my other side, I watched as the ground grew even more colorful with new flowers—white, three-leaved trillium and grassy, blue delphinium alongside thick, green grasses and fronds unknown to me. I gave my attention to the sparkle on the river, so glad to see it again. I did not look back.

I did laugh out loud, though, as I checked out the scenery to my right again, filled now with hills and canyons and mountains. Healthy, agile individuals climbed winding trails through berry bushes and brambles, some descending to creek beds and others rising through hills. A daredevil few ascended mountains, some going up with ropes and harnesses and picks, giddy with the swinging motion as they tested short arcs of flight while dangling in safety. I waved to a friend of mine who had foresworn any city-bound life to stay outside and sleep under the stars as long as she could, though I wasn’t sure whether she could see me wave.

© Julie Shanti, from Along the Winding Path—A Little Personal Journey

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Singing a Song of Home, With Love Calling Us!
We live on a physical plane in this time-space continuum that most certainly is not All-That-Is. And yet, we are here to perceive, to take in sensory stimuli in this dense reality, and to believe that this is who we are, and that what we see, hear, smell, taste, and feel is what there is.

I, myself, would rather sing lightly, purely, of what we really Know, of Truth beyond this physical world, and lend myself, with whomever would like to go along, to our true Selves in the Higher Realms—even while we’re still here on Earth, calling this wonderful place home!

This Earth of ours is majestic, truly, if we take the time to stop and see it, take the time to really breathe it! It’s a complex symphony of sights and sounds, fragrances and more, and it’s up to us to pick out the chords we love, the instruments we follow, and the strings we pluck!

We are playing, all of us, like the most talented musicians, playing the grandest concertos for the joy of it, playing however we would like—center-stage and beautiful, or in the all-important baselines, or off in the wings, out of sight of the stage. We play however we’d like, and sometimes we choose different ways for different stages of life. All of this play, all of this symphony that we call the Illusion, is the glorious gift to us that comes from Love!

So Love sends us here, and we come willingly, eagerly, to have a chance to play, to sing, to laugh and dance for Love—to come together collectively, to meet up and recount and learn and laugh again. We play this beautiful music for the sake of the Love that would create all of this for us!

But what happens when we’ve forgotten that it is a play, a symphony, that all of Life is a stage projected onto this field in our time-space realm? What happens if we no longer remember that we ourselves are the cherished players, that we ourselves are Love itself come down to Earth, so to speak, from above?

We may feel dragged under by the tow of lower energies, feel compressed by the density of these slow frequencies. We can forget completely, in the moment, Who We Really Are—as these grand musicians who adoringly come to play on this stage of Love!

If I or you feel this way in any moment, and we all have, given the nature of this grand adventure into a denser realm, where Spirit is always present, of course, as our Creator and our Source—then that’s because sometimes we focus on the curtain, the curtain that hides all that’s on stage, as we come to play for Love.

To myself and others who feel this pull, as we feel pulled lower, or even under, I’d sing this sweet, little child’s song:

“See, and smell, and listen to the higher frequencies singing to you, calling you from the trees and flowers and Earth right under foot. Feel and reach and aspire to the sweet energies of the skies above; bask in the warmth of our sun itself. And know that our Higher Selves are reaching out to our Earthly, temporal selves, the ones who visit here for a moment before they return to our true Home.

“They are calling, saying to us, ‘Here, come live like us, as you go about your lives! Be sweet, be kind, be joyful, and fill yourselves with Love! Because that is the symphony that most of you really want to play in your brief journey here, your adventure that you started from Above.’”

Singing such a sweet melody for Life today, I wish all of you Love!

Love and Light and Joyful Notes to you,
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