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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Loving the Path That's Joyfully Calling Us!
For fun and something different, here's Chapter One from Along the Winding Path—A Little Personal Journey, a story about finding the spiritual path in the midst of our everyday world! It's fiction, and I'd describe it as part myth, part meditation.

The narrator's voice in this writing is still rooted in this physical, everyday world of ours, and he moves through a mythical land of everyday obstacles to that place of Peace and Love that we find in harmony with the Eternal.

With Love to you all!   Julie



A Clear, New Day

As I set out for my destination, that mythical place called Tirwana, that spreads out expansively without end once entered, I gathered what I thought I needed for my journey and left much worry and frustration behind.

Not to belittle the months of worry, really even more of it than that—it stretched back years and years, paving a broad, hard, heavy, flattened road all the way back through my life, a road a little too barren for my tastes. And yet I had lived there, stayed there all the same for all this time up until now.

The first thing I noticed that midday as I stepped away from my home as I knew it was the absolute beauty of the day. The leaves were not recently formed on the trees, yet they showed themselves as new shoots of young green, alive with fluorescence as they clothed the trees in what would become their mature form later in the season. I wish I could say that I set out early, early morning, with the dawn a crisp, new event, but as a truth-teller, I must say that I had delayed for no reason that lent weight to the delay itself.

I do believe that some of us start late in life, or at least delay sometimes without end, the voluminous learning so available to us all. In some ways, though I had always valued wisdom and had an unusual share of it when still quite young, I certainly put off receiving the bounty of this full, rich life. But then again, I can look around and see so many people not starting out on the path at all.

And so I did set out, feeling myself prepared with what I thought I needed and deciding not to think about anything that I did not have at the ready. For this very real journey, I decided not to carry along any of that excess weight, in case it steered me off my true path. And I decided to trust.

Because this one journey is the one, the only one, that can only go right.


We’ve all heard and read and seen spiritual blandisms, and have possibly even lived out a few of them, but as we know deep in our own hearts, truth is writ large across everything we do and all that is. There’s so much more to be found than just the small granules of truth parceled out to us in our spare moments, if we even take the time to pay that much attention. What we really can do is find that spiritual space where all is glorious, where all life has meaning, and where all things, souls included, have connection without end.

I set out to find this glorious space and to leave behind all the distractions and treacheries of this life of ours along the way. And it would be nice to see a few good people crossing the same path in the quiet hours.

Not being a seasoned tracker of anything physical, and having gone on far fewer hikes or even walks than I would care to admit of late, I wasn’t quite sure where the path started or what it looked like. Aside from the astonishing beauty floating all through the air, I at first saw only my everyday surroundings.

I stepped outside my front door and locked it from habit before thinking better of it. Realizing that I was starting anew in all ways, I unlocked it so it would be open for whoever might need it or whatever might enter.

In front of me was my too-busy street, with cars racing up to a quick, screeching halt at the stoplight. Diesel fumes and the smell of burnt hydraulic brakes from the big trucks wafted through the air in small but distinct drafts. Some drivers would always be courteous, and only in front of them could I pull out of my own driveway onto the jammed street.

But others were all too dependably rude, aggression being the order of the day. And all too constant was the supply of drivers who liked leaning on their horns, big truck drivers included, satisfied to be creating noisy discontent with or without provocation. And they were none too caring about their intrusion into the living rooms lining the street. The road too traveled, to be sure.

I looked up and down the street, fairly hapless, and decided pretty coolly that towards the pond was more likely the way to go than towards the highway. And as I reached the oval patch of water, rippled with the faint suggestion of a breeze, I felt a soft knowing, a somehow familiar recognition and realized that if I looked just askance, I could see quite clearly the beginning of a path just ahead of me.

Like the shimmer of heat on the hottest summer day, it was something I would not be able to see straight on, but only from the corners of my eyes, the edges of my mind registering energies normally unseen.

And the beginning of this path was hardly some rose-covered archway or magic portal. We did love this pond in our town near the city, and so we successfully kept it free of litter and garbage most of the time. But even with the grass green and the ground covered with small twigs and violets, natural beauty rising up from the earth, the air felt heavy with the draglines of our culture—lacking quietude, too busy, driven in circles by rampant egoism, whipped into a froth by raging consumerism.

Everything we do and live by wholly welcomes in the stress with which we do not want to part. Through this everyday muck, the path was hard to see but was most certainly there all the same.


Enough about me for the moment. What of the air around me? What was happening in this world that we live in? And what did I, or what do any of us, understand about it?

The answer to these questions, as we all know, is endless, a conversation amongst countless people in many times, without finite boundaries. And as vast and unconfinable as the subject is, we all know it well.

At the very entrance to the path, the air itself, as I could see through squinting eyes in the layer just beyond the shimmering, revealed a sparkling purity surprising to behold. The trees themselves were more present when not viewed through the thick film we are so used to. The leaves and grass and flowers were breathing into the air and giving it the quality of being high with pure oxygen, which I am sure most of us have not felt since we were small children.

In this air, my eyes felt fresh and truly capable of seeing, and my lungs breathed deeply of real air, the kind I felt I had been missing. As the breeze picked up ever so slightly, my hair flew a little around my face, and I forgot my usual adult restraint. I threw up my arms and whirled like a young child, just the way I used to jump into piles of raked-up leaves.

The air there was truly sweet.

As a siren broke through the quiet that I could see ahead but was not yet insulated by, I realized that some car had once again slammed into another one, and the trusty guys in uniform were speeding down my street to their rescue. Though I was gazing into a space both super-real and much desired, my feet were firmly anchored in the here and now of our time, in the dangerous world of things sometimes gone awry and not quite corrected by the perfection that infuses it all.

And more troubling yet, beyond this overly hurried street I lived on, were assaults and crimes that felt like a return to barbarities not known before. Events both local and national weighed on families and the masses alike, and the mean-heartedness of crimes against individuals, whether unknown, faceless strangers or small children, was all too lively. A great sadness permeated the air and became unshakable. Where this baseness came from wasn’t exactly clear, and we were not sure whether we had participated somehow in letting it germinate and grow.

I can say that I was brokenhearted then by many things and in many ways, and I can say that it wasn’t quite my heart anymore, and that I wasn’t quite me anymore. Wanting to shed this energy drain that had not been mine to begin with, I stepped forward between a few, tall, protective trees and felt through the soles of my feet that I was happily, joyfully, at last on the first step of my path.


© Julie Shanti, from Along the Winding Path—A Little Personal Journey

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Loving the Abundance Freely Given to Us!
And so I write of miracles and Love, of high, pure, frequencies sent from above! What about, then, the daily task given to us to live in this physical realm? How do we actually live with abundance, both externally and within?

All that we know in this physical realm is merely our observation of continually changing patterns of energy wavelengths, frequencies that correspond to different emotions, and different physical creations we call manifestations. It is within these patterns, these wavelengths, that we would find all that we seek—Love, happiness, prosperity—abundance of every kind!

How do we manifest the events and experiences that we call our lives here? How is it we create? And how would that process lead to abundance?

Through our thoughts, we are aligning with specific frequencies, and this aligning, literally, translates into what we receive. If all we perceive here is just a pattern, an ever-changing, momentary arrangement of energy, then we ourselves get to choose the pattern that we seek to create!

Our brain, we know, is a majestic transmitter of electromagnetic waves, one that we have only begun to understand in terms of its power. For us to remain in our physical bodies, alive on this Earth, our brain must constantly receive those electromagnetic waves, which come from Source, and must constantly be sending them out in impulses to our body and our surroundings.

The easiest way to understand what frequencies we are aligning with is to feel the emotions that accompany our experience—in thought, word, deed, and manifestation. When we are surfing the waves of frequencies of abundance, our emotions feel like the best and purest of energies freely given to us, specifically, in the unseen energy frequencies that always surround us!

These fast, pure, high-frequency wavelengths feel, quite simply, through the interpretation of our brain and our body, like Love, appreciation, thanks, and joy.

These fast, pure, high frequencies are what Joseph Campbell referred to when he told us to follow our bliss!

We ourselves always determine the patterns of energy that we perceive in our lives, as we focus through our minds, our thoughts, on specific frequencies flowing around us. As we think of ourselves as a transmitter, with our magical mind as the driver determining our direction, what we focus on in thought is what we receive—in actual wavelengths of different frequencies, and, in turn, in physical manifestations.

As we observe, or begin to receive, these wavelengths of possibility, they begin to band together, in complementary patterns, into larger and larger bandwidths, that together create a pathway of energy for us.

When we feel Love, thanks, appreciation, when we reach for joy and bliss, we are simply gathering these frequencies, drawing them to us by focus and attention, in greater and greater mass. And by focusing intentionally on these energies of Love, where all abundance resides, we tangibly bring them into our minds, our bodies, and our external lives!

When we receive these energies of Love and abundance, we fill ourselves with them, and we can radiate nothing else! And in knowing that, we can joyfully ask ourselves, “What energy am I sending out?”

I wish us all the keys to unlock the secrets of Love and abundance here in our magical Universe!

With overflowing Love, and special thanks to Esther and Jerry Hicks (www.abraham-hicks.com),

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Receiving the Energies of Love Within Me!
And so we live in a time that might be confusing, that might feel harsh or mean, and yet the great transition we are making is one to an even greater Love than we have ever known before. Because at this time, you see, we get to learn to live it, to truly know it, to Love the way we’re created to be.

Our friends who watch over us from the spiritual plane above can hear our questioning: “But how do I know this is meant for me?”

Living Love is meant for us, and our higher counterparts are helping to lead us there! The concept of One Love, Oneness, is not just a concept—it’s our true reality. And Oneness means so much more than we are able to perceive from our current, limited viewpoint in time-space dimensionality.

Oneness means we are not separate from each other, true, and it also means we will no longer live by separating me from me.

“As above, so below,” means exactly what, so far, we haven’t much been able to see: our eternal Self, our Soul that transcends physical reality—that which is before, after, above, beyond—is our true Self. And our true Self, our eternal Self is always here, always present within us, as we participate in this great play that we call Life, this projection of reflected Light against a conceptual time-space screen.

If we are able to comprehend this great play of Life, and this eternity that lies within ourselves, even here on our beloved Earth, we would be overcome, at first. But in beginning to understand, as we integrate our Higher with our Earthly Self, we would thank all of the Universe for returning me to me.

Living an integrated life with our Higher Selves fully present in our bodies can be done, and not only by the great Masters or by meditating in a cave. We’re already in the process of reintegrating what is eternal with what is temporal—we are bringing a literal Heaven to our Earth. That Heaven on Earth comprises the overflowing of the highest energies, the fastest frequencies, that we call Love.

In opening our hearts and our minds, we begin to accommodate these higher frequencies in our thoughts and our bodies, our perceptions and even our beliefs. That accommodation, or receiving, of Love’s highest frequencies begins to transmute, or change, all that we perceive.

Some events in the collective lifespan of humanity are too large to resist, too overwhelming, at times, to want to perceive, but we do know our smallness in comparison to events we can see happening in space, as it’s visible to us. This current change of energies on Earth comes from those massive streams of energy that pummel their way through space, that create planets, or that disintegrate all in their path.

Our own human, personal change of energy is exactly about those massive currents of energies flowing to us right now through space, as well as about the position our Earth is moving into in space, in orbit, in our galaxy. And it’s from all of that information, gleaned from a natural Knowing of All That Is and the ancient technologies, especially of the stars, that gave rise to all of the prophecies.

So here we are, at this particular point in space and time, asking to receive those great, unfathomable energies of Love that are overpowering and unfamiliar to us in our Earthly bodies. But in this process, we can know that we have plenty of help from above, in our own multidimensional Beings and in the One Consciousness that always embodies us all!

With the eternal in mind, I hope we all have a great week!

Powerful Light & Love energy to you,

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Growing Deeper into Love’s Mastery!
I love that Christ’s sweet voice whispers in the silence, “Speak of me!” And as he comes into form right in front of me, his next, more pronounced statement would be, “Bring me into the world so you can live as me.”

With this Christ energy as our guide, we can live with Divine Love right here in our everyday life; we can unfold the Divine Mystery with the deft touch of living Mastery.

We are all human—fallible, not quite sure of ourselves, prone to making mistakes—and, yet, we are so much more than any frail, flawed vision we may have of ourselves at the same time! We live in this world of broad and varied experiences, always accompanied by a multitude of choices, but we do live here on Earth so we can achieve a triumph in life, a Mastery of it, if we choose!

The range of energy available to us in this energy platform that we call our world covers the spectrum from low, slow, dense and heavy-seeming, wavelength frequencies, to super-fast, pure, light-feeling ones that we can barely achieve—and this spectrum covers the range of emotions from despair and agony to joy and ecstasy.

What we call Mastery is simply choosing, and then learning, how to live in the pure area of the spectrum that is Love energy, no matter what happens around us. In this way, not only do we live our life in Love, and all that goes with it, but we also reflect our true self, the One that resides in eternity, even more than we know!

The Christ Consciousness is the energy that Christ brought to us here on Earth, that he offered us and taught us, if we are ready to learn. This energy is the energy of pure, Divine Love, of God or Source come to Earth, and he, as the living example of it, was a Master for all times, to be sure—as are so many others!

Just as cultures and civilizations may rise or fall, so we, too, individually may choose to rise to unexpected heights of self-mastery, of true expression of our Higher Selves, and, in so doing, take all that we are living on Earth to new levels of creation!

And in critical mass, we bring the whole!

The Truth—the One truth that sets us free—is that Love always triumphs, not just in idea but in actual energy! All that we perceive here, all that we call our experience, is a fleeting moment’s construct in space and time, an illusion, an artifice from eternity, that always, in the next moment, returns to Love.

The super-fast, all-powerful frequencies of Love will always subsume the lower frequencies—that is, gobble them up, return them to itself, restore Love’s frequency in the singular nature of All That Is.

As people, we think of that process as going Home again. And, in our hearts, where we know Truth, that always feels good!

Just watch a star implode to see the pure power of Love and the Light unleashed—that same energy creates us all, for brief moments in eternity, here in this realm that we call physical reality.

What’s unique about this place and time in our history, and about us as individuals on Earth who are participating, is that we can bring Love’s pure energy to all that we experience with a true Knowing, as we call the living of Love “normalcy.”

In so choosing, we decide to live our life in harmony with God and the Universe, at One with what we know as Consciousness, Awareness—essentially, the Great Mind whose breath of thought creates us all.

Our future is here, just asking to unfold!

In Love and Light for us all,

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Learning to Love Mastery!
When I sit to write, I listen. I listen to the strains of a tune flowing around me, and I ask to let those sweet notes flow through me. I have been writing of what I love—Divine Love, learning to live Love, miracles happening all around us—and I know all of this is really about Mastery. About us learning to live as Masters of ourselves and our world, of living loving lives amid all the turmoil of physical reality!

We live in a physical world that presents itself to us—that shifts and shapes itself—according to how we perceive. How we perceive correlates to how we identify all that we take in through our senses and how we relate all of that input back to our sense of “me.”

As an “I,”” we are a subject, and as a “me,” an object, and therein lies a new reference, perhaps, of relativity.

To perceive through our sense of “I,” through our empowered, subjective self, is to define our life as we choose to live it. To perceive all around us through the eyes, or “I’s” of Love, Divine Love, is to achieve sweet Mastery!

As we bring Love into our subjective perception, our chosen sensibility, we bring the flowing All That Is into our existence on this physical plane, which can never really be separate from this flow of God’s force, of Divine Love, in reality. To feel all that we feel and be centered in this sweet space of Love, is to bring our Souls, literally, into our body. And to bring Love into our world is to live an integrated life through Spirit fully present on this physical plane.

What we call the Christ Consciousness, a term perhaps more common in the world of energy work than the everyday world, embodies exactly this Mastery. Christ himself brought this energy of all-encompassing Divine Love into our world, and spoke of it in terms familiar in the East, but less known to those of us in the West.

In the East, meditation and the pursuit of transcendence—simply, rising above the material plane—is a passion, a subject of dedication built into the culture. Finding people who aspire to live on a plane with, in communication with, God and this Universal flow of Love is common. Here in the West, we are divinely blessed to be able to bring this same thought, this Christ energy, into the way we live our lives, so we can make it our daily, Divine routine.

The Divine Mystery is indeed that sweet, ineffable energy that gives life to all of us. To bring that Christ Consciousness into our lives as we live them, is to live through our Souls everyday! And as we joyfully flow God’s Love through our world, we truly begin to live in our own Heaven on Earth!

Isn’t living Heaven on Earth the sweetest part of the indescribable mystery? Isn’t that what we all really came for, in reality?

As I listen to what to write, to the sweet, flowing melody in the quiet all around me, I hear Christ’s beauty, and he says, “Speak of me.”

We speak of Christ in living a Love that flows through us all eternally, in radiating Love right here on Earth in the middle of what we call physical reality. We speak of Christ so truly in knowing Life and Love’s sweet Mastery!

To the shining Master in us all, with Love and Light!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Planting Gardens of Love!

I am writing today on a thought that fills me with a soft, sweet happiness, a thought that is as simple as it is easy and meaningful. Recently, I wrote a note of encouragement to somebody special about her writing, and what I said kept resonating with me for days after I wrote it! What a gift she gave to me!

Don’t you love it when the simplest of things, the simplest of ideas and images, stay in your thoughts and sing in your heart lightly, like the everyday happiness of a smile, a flower, a pet? Isn’t everything simple, when it comes down to it, even if it seems to be work to get to that place?

I love the simplicity, the sweet, peaceful reward of returning to balance, of finding my center, of truly just being! It is, indeed, so fulfilling—and reaching that point is a journey worth taking, for certain!

What I wrote from my heart in that comment, I wrote to someone who may not have been quite sure of her bearings, not quite sure about the value of her wonderful writing from an outside perspective. Now, what I love most about the inspired response is that it is so true of all of life for each and every one of us!

What I wrote, and thought, and reflected on felt like the comfort of a rocking chair on a porch on a warm, summer day, a kind of pleasure we all may not be feeling enough of these days, as energies of change may still be swirling, somewhat or seriously, around us.

What I’d say to myself and to anyone I’d speak to about what we do and how we live in this life breathes true for all of us: “Writing is just like living—it’s just about be-ing in this world. The important thing is only to be your voice, to be whoever you truly are in your life. And besides, there’s no one here—anywhere, on our Earth—who’s qualified to judge us!

“If you like flowers—and I love them—then you can think of your work as a garden! Plant whatever you like whenever you like, love it when you look at it, and sit with it often!”

What a great recipe for all of life that is! Just bring everything in your experience back to your heart, back into your personal view where it belongs, and feel the full expression of your true self in everything you do!

I’m thinking right now of a delightful image that was used in a comment to me, too, comparing my writing to planting lovely, little seedlings in a furrow in a field. “How nice to be planting seedlings, but right here in these rows they’re strawberries and watermelon!” was my thought. “Because I plant my flowers all over the place!”

In terms of physics or the Law of Attraction, in my joy at this thought of the garden, electrons are jumping orbits everywhere for me. And on the other side of our physical world, more electrons are matching the same, moving into the flow of wavelengths of bliss.

In our holographic Universe, the rays of focused, reflected Light are illuminating entirely new, beautiful creations of thought and mind for me in the moment. I feel my heart energy opening to that wide, expansive place that’s at peace, that rests in Love, that’s One in all we do!

All of that is the power of Love, in every moment that we feel it. And I thank that wonderful writer who inspired this loving thought for me! May we all touch people so sweetly!

As I sit even longer with my happy image of a garden of my own making, the garden of my life as I love it, I wish each one of us happy planting. And with even better blooming as all of life opens into breathtaking displays of beauty for all of us!

With Love and Light shining on everything we plant and grow!


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