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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seeing Our World Through the Lens of Love!
I love focusing on Love! What a statement that is—though it might seem silly, to some, or it might sound self-reflexive, to others. And yet, it’s really a self-reflexive world that we live in, when we remember how it works!

What we perceive in this great, vibrant world that surrounds us is always a matter of what lens we decide we see all things through!

As a whole, we all exist as consciousness, at One with All That Is, from which we come. As individuals, we differentiate ourselves from the whole by our point of perception, our chosen focus, within a specific range of energy amid all the energy that’s available to us. We declare who we are, to ourselves and all the world, by the lens we use to perceive our world.

We know that all matter and all space, or what we do not easily perceive as matter, consist of energy wavelengths that vibrate at specific, measurable frequencies. And we know that we ourselves are composed of these very same energy wavelengths, as is everything that’s drawn into our experience.

The question for each of us may be, “What lens am I wearing to see all that surrounds me? How do I perceive life itself, and everything in it?”

I love the imagery of a kaleidoscope to illustrate the way that we ourselves can rearrange the pattern of energy that we see before us. If space is a hologram that contains all possible reflections of Light’s wavelengths, then the kaleidoscope shows us how our perception in time changes from moment to moment, with even the slightest movements of perspective.

In this Universe of absolute freedom, all possibilities that we can conceive of in life already exist in the frequencies that flow to us through space. No outside force limits the energetic possibilities presented to us. Rather, our free will gives each of us as individuals the ability to create what we want to create.

And our individual free will corroborates the absolute freedom of the whole, which also means that other points of perception—that is, people making different choices from our own—will always exist right here in the same world that we inhabit. If we learn to love the diversity, the multiplicity of it all, then we begin to approach Divine Love’s whole-view of the world, the all-encompassing and all-embracing Oneness that would give life to us all!

And so, the question of how we each live our life, and who we are individually within it, will always come down to what lens we decide to use as we view it!

True, it’s often easier to focus on Love in our own space, away from the noise of the world, in the stillness that gives us our access to Love and the practice of Love. And it’s always inspiring to look to people who actually embody Divine Love right here on Earth—whether it’s someone like Amma in India, or someone closer to home, like children or grandchildren—to expand our personal understanding of Love.

But I know, too, that it’s possible to live right in the middle of our physical world, right in the muddle and the sometimes mess of it, and still bring great, wide swaths of Love sweetly into it!

When we simply choose Love as our lens, and when we choose to see all of our world through it, we bring that Love all the way into our life as we live it. And as we do that, we join in the dance of Divine Love that creates the Universe anew in every living and loving moment!

I wish all of us the lens of Love, and that we see ourselves through it!

In Love and Light, through a lens!


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

When We Focus on Love, We Are Love!
As I sit to write, the sun is breaking through fast-moving, dark clouds, and it brings a hint of spring to remind us of what good is to come after a cold and stormy January.

The same sun that brightens the ground can also remind us of a warming in our hearts and all the Love that shines through even sad and stormy times.  And appreciating rays of sun amidst a wintry day can help teach us a lesson we may incorporate into our daily lives!

When we focus on Love, we are that Love!

We are, in fact, whatever it is that we focus on. It is through our perception and our intent, and through our ability to stay focused on a particular sequence of thoughts, that we shape and shift our own, personal reality as we bring it into tangible being all around us in our experience. Whatever it is that we focus on is what we live.

And so, with that knowing, we can decide to choose Love as our focus to consciously make it the basis of our life as we live it!

When we focus on Love—see it, take notice of it, turn it over in our minds—we are tuning into, or aligning with, very specific wavelengths of energy that actually are the wavelengths of Love. Whatever we notice and ponder, we become—or become like—for that moment, in that our energy must and will resonate with whatever frequency of energy we recognize in any given moment.

If energy frequencies are too different, too distant across the spectrum of energies, then they can’t recognize one another, can’t match, can’t bond.

The Law of Attraction, a Universal Law that is a law of physics, illuminates some basic properties of energy wavelengths for us: first, that like energy draws like energy, and second, that energy in our Universe likes to amass, likes to aggregate larger and larger masses of matching or complementary frequencies.

When we focus on Love, when we turn our minds to a subject or object of Love, any subject or object that evokes a radiant feeling of happiness and well-being, then we ourselves begin to absorb and reflect that very same frequency of Love. And we draw more and more of that frequency to us for as long as we focus on it!

(The same is true of any other type of frequency, no matter how we describe its qualities.)

In everyday life, we can see the simple, wise knowing of generations that gave us such sayings as, “Count your blessings.” And keeping journals of appreciation and lists of gratitude do the same for us. In our focus on Love and appreciation, more and more energy of Love and appreciation fills our life in the moment.

We actually become that Love, that appreciation, as we ourselves begin to radiate that energy outward to all around us! That’s when life becomes very rich, indeed!

It’s so simple, and so true, from the very basis of laws that fill our Universe: when we focus on Love, we are that Love!

Wishing you Light and Love for a Love-ly day!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Miracles, Miracles, Everywhere!

I wrote this article for the winter issue of Rick and Beverly Thompson's channeled quarterly newsletter, The Gathering of Angels, available online at www.thegatheringofangels.com. Its messages are filled with love, and I highly recommend it!

I send my love to you to start this message for our magical, beautiful winter of 2010! And I want to let you know I feel the gratitude that surrounds all of us for our hard work, our continued efforts to bring in the higher frequencies of Light, to uplift people all around us for the continuing evolution of life on Earth!

The theme of my writing right now is a simple and amazing one, insistent in its intent to be expressed: I am writing, and hearing, and thinking, of miracles and how we all are able to bring them into being in every aspect of our lives, both individual and global! What a happy place to be—for all of us!

As I’m writing in my blog, miracles are about nothing more than a change in energy to a higher, purer frequency that manifests for us a seemingly elusive desire of ours. It is the energy of Love that carries this frequency, that imbues all that we perceive here with a softness and wonder more attuned to Home than to what we may think of as our daily lives. But this energy offers itself to us constantly.

Love is here with us for the asking, and, in return, asks us only to allow it into our lives through our hearts and minds!

The energies that come from within our Earth and that surround it right now are gentler and more supportive of us than ever as we work to maintain this frequency for ourselves and others. And intent has never been more important now that an accelerated rate of manifestation brings our thoughts into form right before our very eyes!

All of what’s happening right now with miracles, both named and unnoticed, comes from the Christ Consciousness and that energy of mastery, as it grows to become prevalent energy in our lives. For those of us who work with energy consciously, hold this energy in all you do—and know that you carry it with you wherever you go. Be open and generous with your heart as you interact with others in any circumstances, and delight in the joy that comes from this frequency.

Know as you watch events and situations improve around you, over and over again, that you are helping to bring a time of joy and peace into this world, as you have so desired! And know that a Loving energy too overflowing and pure to imagine thanks us all for playing our part in life on Earth right now!

With so much gratitude for all that we are being given now, as I await in wonder the developing transformation all around us!

With Love and Light,

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beauty, in any form.
Today, I am enjoying the beauty of just one word:


This Hawaiian word may be simply translated as, “I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

(It makes me think of how much I love a Hawaiian friend of mine, too!)

Peace to us all!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank you to Haiti
In the wake of the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, I’d like to offer my prayers and heartfelt thanks to all the beautiful people there, from me personally and those of us who are not there.

Thank you
, Haiti, for showing us the beauty of your people.

Thank you for letting us know that you are there, in need.
Thank you for showing us you are not invisible.
Thank you for giving us the gift of being able to give to you.

Thank you for helping us remember who you are.
Thank you for helping us remember who we are.
Thank you for helping us remember we all are One.

Thank you for your beauty in the face of danger and destruction.
Thank you for showing us people in the direst of need helping each other, when we may have
 forgotten to do so ourselves.

Thank you for opening our hearts.

Thank you for showing us who you really are, as people, when the news of the past may have
  focused on other subjects.
Thank you for showing us your families, your neighbors, your love.
Thank you for singing and praying and hoping, and thank you for thanking us with appreciation,
  as I have seen so many times on the news. 

Thank you for helping us awaken.
Thank you for helping us to move into action as we are awakening.

Thank you for reminding us to see and care and help, not only when people are dying,
  but even more, while they are still living.
Thank you for reminding us that people are not to be forgotten.

Thank you for reminding us to love life and all around us.
Thank you for reminding us how truly fortunate we are, right now, in this moment.

Thank you for reminding us to help, to hope.
Thank you for reminding us to care, to see.

Thank you for reminding us who you are.
Thank you for reminding us who we are.
Thank you for reminding us we all are One.

Thank you
, Haiti, for showing us the beauty of your people.

In hoping and knowing that we all, everywhere, are here to live in greater compassion, in greater caring, in greater unity, as the One people that we all really are. 

I am praying for greater safety, comfort, peace, and well-being to flow to the beautiful people of Haiti in the work of recovery, and I am praying and knowing that we offer even greater contributions of caring and help from the rest of the world.
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One Fabric of Divine Love!
In talking about Love and miracles, it's easy to ask how miracles can happen, how our own energy levels may be elevated (or lowered) by external events, elements, or even other people. And in asking how our own energy may be affected by others, we can also learn how to offer higher energy vibrations to anyone we'd like to help! First, it's helpful to remember the fabric in which we're working!

As we work to expand our consciousness, to raise our awareness of who we are as beings that come from Spirit, we can begin to understand how we all live together in life on Earth, how we each affect one another, in the fabric of our co-created experience.

We are just beginning to gain a glimmer of understanding, as a whole, of our inter-connectedness, of the actuality that we all really are One. We are all inseparable from Source or God energy—and from each other, in truth, because we are all made, literally, of the same Source energy. No one here on Earth has been created without it, and no one here can be made of anything but the Light energy that forms matter and carries that inexplicable energy of Source within it.

As we begin to understand our space-time reality as a hologram, as a construct that reflects Light, where the whole is also reflected in each piece of the whole, then we can begin to acknowledge the backdrop against which we act out this play of life. What fills this construct or framework that allows our Universe to exist, then, is that energy of Source that is Divine Love!

And so, Spirit, Divine Love, pours into this space-time continuum in all-powerful Sound and Light waves in what is really a single, continuous, fluid and draping, multidimensional fabric. A gorgeous and rich, varied and interwoven fabric too vast and abstract to conceive of, but a beautiful fabric, nonetheless!

This energy of Divine Love carried in Sound and Light waves embodies All That Is in our Universe—the energy wavelengths of possibility, of consciousness and awareness, of matter that amasses, of beings, of Life itself.

An ageless Knowing of this truth has always spoken to us, has always reminded us that we come from and are composed of a Higher Reality, a reality infinite and eternal and not subject to the parameters of life that we seem to perceive all around us.

, the concept that this life and this world are illusion, tells us so. Every myth and religious tale that tells of the Universal Light, God's Light, and our own reflection of it, to varying degrees, tells us so. Plato’s cave, where our reality is but a shadow cast by the true Light beyond our known senses, tell us so.

In wisdom and stories and prophecies throughout time, this Knowing has always told us so.

As our science seeks to explain and empirically prove quantum mechanics and string theory, and the workings of Light and energy, we ourselves are beginning to notice the effects of this fabric of our Universe, of our Light beings and Higher Selves, in everyday life. And as our inner understanding of the fabric that makes us One begins to shine forth, we can grow in consciously deciding the pattern that our own life creates as it is interwoven with others.

And so I hope that we dream of this grand, Divine, poured fabric, in order to begin to imagine the essence and material of which we all are made! Dream and imagine, I say, because it’s a concept that’s really too vast and abstract to understand in defined terms for us, thus far, in the specific focus of our human experience.  But we can aspire to learn more, and we can grow in our understanding and awareness as we begin to incorporate this infinite Knowing into the way we live our lives!

And with this grand dream of Divine Love in mind, I wish for all of us that we weave our own pattern that's the most beautiful to us, most desired and adored by us, into this Universal fabric in space and time!

Wishing the most Divine patterns of Love and Light to you!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Love in Motion Is the Dance of Miracles!

I wrote this blog last week, and I am adding a note that I am praying for Love, hope, well-being, safety, and recovery for all the people of Haiti and all who have loved ones there—with a resolve to help raise the energy levels for people everywhere so that we all may live a beautiful life! Heartfelt thanks to everyone sending out Love to anyone!

As the Universe moves endlessly in motion, so our own lives are a series of motions, reaching and letting go, expanding and contracting until the next movement of growth.

As we dream and dream again, we join in the dance with All That Is and follow its rhythms in wisdom. When we can’t see this movement with our own eyes, as when we look across a frozen, wintry landscape, we can know that everything is still truly in motion, even as it grows out of sight!

great passion created this Universe of ours, and we ourselves get to live in passion, knowing that an all-supportive energy guides us and carries us along. We can rest assured, even in times or situations of uncertainty, that the intentions for us from here and above are for us to be more and more, in the terms from Spirit that do not always correspond to the measurements that we create here on Earth.

This same Love that drives itself through a continuously creating Universe, that bubbles forth life forms and matter magnificent to behold, flows through us in the same passion. And in that fast-moving energy called Love or passion, we ourselves embrace new growth and understanding.

In this passion, we may bring forward motion to movements of social justice and personal enlightenment, or we may build creations in our visible, tangible reality. We may invest in our personal lives of family and friends and our own individual enjoyment of what this world has to offer us in experience.

In every case, Love always reaches for us in its own powerful movement, always offers us its inspiration. And in reaching for us, Love surrounds all that we are in this world with its fast, high, pure vibrations.

At all points in time, if we so choose, we get to remember that Love is where we come from, what we are made of, and what we always, always move to—in greater or lesser harmony—in this great dance we call life!

And Love, from our point of view, is so great a force that it always moves immediately to its own aspiration, its new idea and goal, whatever it has just conceived of. Love, in fact, moves directly into being that new thought, that new embodiment of this moment of life, even when we ourselves do not.

When we, as humans, do not move directly into the state of being our passion, our new idea, our new creation of life, it is only because we are moving at a lower, slower frequency than Love. We often live amongst those lower vibrations in this dense, physical reality here on Earth.

But if we can only refocus on that frequency that is Love, if we join in the dance of energy vibrations at a higher, purer place of Love, then our own lives, our own beings also live that Divine passion. And we bring into existence in our own lives, in what we call reality, that magical gift of constant coming-into-beingness, creating ourselves anew in each infinitesimal moment. 

In doing that, we create for ourselves what we call miracles that we say must be coming from God!

And so, in a Universe that Loves us all, even as it is Love itself, we can begin anew to dream the dream of our lifeand become that dream in an instant!

With that thought, I leave my writing to go dream myself!

With so much Love and Light to you,


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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Miracles and Love in Action!

I would love to write at the beginning of this blog that we have started another year with the story of a miracle on the water!

Last year, we all watched a magnificent miracle to behold as a plane landed safely on the Hudson and then people exited onto the floating wings. What a beautiful sight that was!

And this year we just saw a man rescued from a sinking sailboat in the Atlantic, in the dark amid the towering, crashing waves.

The message of last year’s story, to me, let us know that even in an impossible situation—flying and about to crash, suddenly without engines over  water—we were taken care of, being brought in for a safe landing with no logical, visible indication that that would happen.

This year’s story is just as fitting for what we’ve collectively been through this past year: If you feel all alone, tossed about in the stormy currents, as so many have been, then hang in there, and we will bring you home to safety! You may bump into the solution while swimming blindly, when you have only faith to go on, but you will get to return to a life that you appreciate!

And so, one thing we can clearly see in both of these against-the-odds rescues, miracles on the water, is an active presence of God and grace. Universal energy brings events to an amazing conclusion through the actions of people who dedicate themselves to others’ safety; through unseen but felt or intuited acts of intervention; through a perfect coalescing of elements, earthly and otherwise, that merge and guide and deliver.

In a Universe that is created by Love, Love shows itself as a super-powerful force of action, one that drives itself through the intricate and perfect workings of a cosmos set into motion. This same Love flows through our beings and actually becomes our beings. This Love is the force that is embodied in our very cells, that composes the matter of which our physical bodies are made. And it fuels our thoughts, desires, and passions; it fuels our actions in this world!

Whether we peer into the most minute mechanisms of the smallest particles of our Universe, or whether we stare out into the endless depths of space, millions of light years away, what we are always seeing, every time, is Love's motion, Love's action.

When we achieve stillness within ourselves, through steady, rhythmic breathing and clearing of our mind, what we are doing, every time, is tuning into this great motion, this finely choreographed dance of which and by which we are all made.

In stillness, we are aligning with the fastest, highest, purest frequencies we can find—wavelengths that aren’t slowed or distorted or muddied into the lower ones we often live amongst here on Earth.

In this beautiful and clear vision of our Universe, nothing is at rest, and nothing stays the same. Ever. Not on the most microscopic level, and not at the most expanded macro-level. How we bring this Universal motion into our own personal lives, how we harmonize with it, gives us our own life moment by moment.

And it is a lesson worth learning over and over again to bring ourselves into alignment with the super-fast, high, pure frequencies of Love. The frequencies of Love bring us miracles, sometimes in the farthest reaches of nearly hopeless situations and often amid the mundane or worrisome circumstances of everyday life.

For anyone who asks and anyone who chooses to remember, Love showers its gifts upon us. Love will find its way to us through channels expected and unexpected, through words and feelings and thoughts and events.

I hope that we all find these gifts abounding in our day today, from within and from without!

With Love and Light to each of us!


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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Power of Love and Miracles in our Universe!
What a lovely New Year it is already, this year of miraculous manifestation that will unfold with a beauty recognized by all!

The energy of this year already is soft and supportive, gentle and encouraging—and so, so different from the energy of last New Year’s.

(To compare, that energy was more of a threshing machine, literally breaking things down and tearing them apart, strewing a flow of discarded pieces along the path, and jumbling around even what was kept in a jarring, discombobulating, and noisy, if not grating, machine.)

How refreshing, now, to come to rest in a gentler pasture. All things are valuable, including such a process as we’ve been experiencing for the past two years, but now we get to settle in a little and begin to enjoy the ride!

Change is still happening, and even accelerating, to be sure, but we can keep up with this change. We can understand it as it’s happening, and we can intend to direct its flow in the direction of a higher good for each of us and for all!

In this time of ours, we will begin to recognize our own inner Light, our self-empowerment, and our true beauty. Spirit knows this truth about each of us, as do our Souls or Higher Selves. And if in my writings I can help you to remember Who You Really Are, your Soul-Self embodied here for a time on this physical plane, then I am happy! And so I write.

Miracles are a strong focus in my mind right now, and that’s because we get to learn just how accessible they truly are. What we get to learn now is that we’ve been led to believe that the miraculous is a turn of events that’s impossible, implausible, out of reach.

But the miraculous is really a realm that has been given to us all along! It’s so easy to witness that as we observe events and creations in outer space, isn’t it? Doesn’t the very notion of the sun and stars, planets in orbit, quasars and black holes and more, stop us in our thoughts and leave us in wonder?

Isn’t all of the Universe, from our focused point of view, an immense, super-active, highly combustible, and sublime miracle? Isn’t it heavenly?

And do we remember, consciously, that we are a part of that Universe? (And not a forgotten part, either.) We forget as we witness this spectacle, as if from afar, as if we could view it remotely, that we are absolutely in the midst of all that power and grandeur. That we are the very stuff it all is made of. The same stuff. Pretty amazing.

“Miracle” simply means a wonder (from the Latin, miraculum, a marvel), something to be amazed at.

Divine Love is what powers this Universe, and it fires itself right through it, setting entire galaxies and more into serene motion. It is this very same force, Love, that flows through us, from the conception of even the idea of our beings.

And all of that is something to marvel at, indeed!

If we ourselves are of that Love that is all-encompassing, then aren’t we ourselves miracles—each and every one of us? And isn’t absolutely everything—even what we haven’t conceived of yet—within reach?

By definition of this Love, would anything we could conceive of be out of reach?

With that thought held dearly in mind, I send you blessings from my heart—and I hope you find blessings appearing everywhere in your day!

With powerful Love & Light!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Living Love and Miracles in the New Year of 2010!
Welcome to the first day of 2010, and a happier, wiser, stronger, more empowered year it is meant to be for all of us!

Just as the energy of change defined the year of 2009—moving us along to new places in our lives, breaking down what no longer belonged in our experience—the energy of 2010 is a new calm, a new peace, and the coming into being—the manifestation—of things more beautiful and bright for us all!

Even before this first day of the New Year, a new energy was opening over the past few weeks, and together, we are all moving forward into it. As this new energy grows around our planet, we ourselves will adjust to its brightness, to the ease and speed with which ideas and desires born of our origin in Divine Love, take tangible form in our lives—and transform them forever!

Why would we think that a new energy is taking form here all around us, transforming our world, and why would so many of us be talking and writing about it, reminding ourselves that this is a subject for our foremost thought?

The answer starts with the acknowledgment that everything we know in this existence is based in change, evolution, and growth—in becoming—from our Earth herself, to space, to the Universe and what we know of it, with a nod to the fact that vast expanses of knowledge, from our earthly point of view, will always be unknown to us.

The crux of the answer narrows to a focus in a newly dawning truth: that we are entering an Age of Peace, the New Age predicted across many cultures and times, an age of Knowing, Understanding, and Love that presents itself to anyone who would wish to live it fully, as so many of us do!

And so as our times change, the energies of fear sometimes and recently so rampant throughout society subside as the energies of Love grow and become the commonplace standard by which we all ponder, speak, and act!

The truth always is that Love transmutes all other energies, as the fastest, highest frequency available to us in our world. Even though we may raise the volume and urgency of lower energies—fear, despair, anger—we cannot in truth maintain those energies for long in the face of Love!

We can all bring more and more of this new energy into our day by noticing all the miracles that appear around us, whether momentous or incidental, in events or subtle messages. And rather than let them pass by without much thought, we can name them, identify them as they catch our attention.

As we practice this noticing and naming of miracles, they enter our awareness, and they become a matter of course in both our consciousness and our daily lives! Miracles then become how and what we live. Miracles can, in fact, become our way of life that we pass along to others. What a wonderful knowing that evokes!

As our journey into 2010 and beyond deepens, we’ll see evidence of this miraculous, new energy in all aspects of life, in technologies, in nature, and in models of how we each as individuals relate to the world at large.

It’s always exciting to be at the cusp of wonderful, new developments in the world, even if we don’t quite yet understand what they are!

What we do know, as we embrace the energy of Divine Love that permeates our Earth, is that Love’s answers to our prayers are instantaneous and ubiquitous. When we ask, Love is given immediately and everywhere, every time!

And as we learn to recognize and live in this Love, we bring a living Heaven right here to this Earth!

With this Heaven in mind, I wish you all of your dreams come true in 2010 and beyond!

Blessings of Love and Light to us all!

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