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Simple, uplifting words.

 It's good to have a space like that.


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Monday, December 21, 2009

Bringing Miracles to Everyday Life!

As we're filled with the joy of our holiday season, turning inward for true warmth and inspiration and reaching out to others to share that peace and comfort, I'd love to know that miracles are happening for everyone everywhere!

A miracle in the usual sense of the word is some event that we perceive to be beyond the limits of  our own power—something we don't believe can happen under certain circumstances, for ourselves, or for somebody else. A miracle in energetic terms is an event that happens at a higher frequency, or energy level, than the frequency at which the context of that event currently rests.

With happiness in our hearts, then, we can easily follow this simple explanation through a series of events that would be called miracles by some people in certain times and places even though we know that the events are achievable and achieved within our unquestioned understanding:

A young child wishes for a favorite gift, which then shows up under the tree on Christmas morning! A warm-hearted person offers help to someone in need when they may feel like hope is out of reach!

Rescuers bring people home after they get lost hiking or in a snowstorm! Food arrives from far-away, unknown people in a desperately impoverished or endangered area in time to save entire families!

Electricity arrives where people haven't heard of it before! Planes and space missions fly for the first time!

A surgeon brings health back to a person who's nearly overcome with disease! A healer brings health back to someone without surgery! People bring themselves back to health without anything but their own hearts and minds! 

Saints appear in visions to inspire people somewhere other than where they reside or even after their own deaths!

A caring person brings just the right words, or presence, or other necessity, in Love and Light to someone who's overwhelmed with worry, anguish, or despair, and things take a turn for the better!

Each time, people are restored to their own natural, high state of energy. Or they are moved to a higher state of frequency than they've ever realized existed before. In this change of energy, the miracle transforms all that is manifested for us.

And in each and every case, the miracle comes in answer to people who are asking for a gift that they don't know has already been given!

Love, Divine Love, the Love that flows to us and through us from our open hearts, is the high, pure frequency of energy where the answers to our prayers are given. Love is the energy frequency at which all that we are asking for and aspiring to comes into existence for us on this physical plane of ours.

With Love, the impossible becomes our actual. With Love, the miraculous is already waiting for us to receive it open-armed into our lives. And with Love, and God, and this benevolent Universe created for us, what we ask for is always, always givenif we can master our understanding of just that.

And so, right now, as our Earth's energies speed us into higher and higher frequencies, we all become so much more enveloped in this energy of Love than we've ever been before. And the possibilities for our daily lives in a world made literally of Love go beyond what we even know we've dreamed of so far!

In celebration of all the holidays we're enjoying now, let's expand our understanding of what is possible for ourselves and others to encompass all that we may want to consider beyond our limitations. And with this simple understanding expanding our heart energy, let's share our knowing that we can all move beyond our current or past limitations to bring miracles into our everyday livesand the lives of others!

As part of my own holiday celebration, I promise to look ever upward for higher inspiration in all that I am living, and I promise to look inward to know that the answers to our prayers are being given.

My wish for everyone this Christmas, as we consciously bring the presence of Christ into our days, is that we make miracles our daily way of living! I wish miracles to us all in each and every season, and for all of the world's celebrations that bring more Love, more Light, more joy into this world that we all share!

More miracles to everyone everywhere, in Love and Light!


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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ahead of Our Times!
Doreen Virtue wrote her message for the upcoming New Year from Archangel Michael in her December newsletter (found on www.angeltherapy.com), and I love it so much that I want to affirm so much of what is said here! 

From many sources, we are hearing that 2010 is going to be a year of miracles for people. I can feel the opening of this energy, and, of course, miracles do follow the energies of stark, sudden shifts that we’ve all been going through. 

The energy that feels like breaking down, loss, or chaos has been noticeably strong for the past two years. But what this energy is really about is change, and if we can move with the change, then we can move through the upheavals in our own lives and all around us more smoothly. And as we do so, we find a new center that begins to grow and blossom with a new understanding of life.

We know that this shifting energy is due to be here for another couple of years, through the marker year of 2012, and that is quick in the scope of Earth movements! In light of this timeline, anyone who is already moving along their path of growth is really ahead of the curve. 

And that, that confirmation that we are moving along in life on time or even in anticipation of so much greater good coming in, is an important message in itself!

If any of us have lost our jobs or relationships, or have suffered losses in other important aspects of our lives—if we are feeling the discomfort of a spiritual demand for growth—then we are moving along this path of change already, asking to re-acclimate at a new and higher vibrational level.

As uncomfortable or unfamiliar to us as it may feel, we are moving beyond what we have already lived and accomplished, and we have so much to celebrate in that fact alone!

I do want to remind all of us not to fall into the routine of feeling down about ourselves for where we are not at this point in our lives, but instead to look upward for inspiration for what new growth is coming in! 

I ask that we give ourselves credit for hearing and answering these energies, and I ask that we know that somewhere in our hearts and spirits, we have decided not to resist these changes, not to delay any longer the developments that await us!

I ask that we give ourselves credit for moving with change, even if it feels forced or unwanted. As it turns out, the severity of loss in life often corresponds to the magnitude of forward leaps in expansion. Realms previously undiscovered in our hearts and our lives will rise to the surface, and in this newness we are blessed to find a triumphant return to joy! 

As we wind through shifts and changes as a whole, I ask that we find beauty and inspiration wherever we can—in nature or in people, in animals or art, or wherever it strikes us—and that we remember to hold these images in our hearts to uplift us! 

The Universe does support us all on our paths to our best and highest good—and it will show us that truth in signs both magical and sublime if we reach for our new best place to be! And as we change, I hope that we all find support and kindness in everyone around us!  

Many blessings of the changing Light to you!

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