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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Earth!

A lovely Thanksgiving weekend it is, after a day of happy feasting and playing with the kids in my family. And in the vein of thinking thankfully, my mind turns to our beautiful Earth, and how we can also thank her for our lives here!

I know we have questions, and differences of opinions in our society, over whether we ourselves are responsible for causing ecological changes on our planet, or whether the Earth is simply going through her own natural changes. In truth, both things are happening on this great planet of ours right now. Natural changes in climate and in other aspects are happening today, changes that are supposed to occur. And we as a whole have also strayed from loving and respecting the magnificence of all of Earth’s systems in our activities.

And so, rather than engage in either/or thinking, or arguing over blame or more, I would wish that we turn our thoughts about our beautiful planet to Reverence. And with this mind, one of loving and knowing something of the power and glory of the planet upon which we live, we could begin again to love the powerful, natural forces that guide and help our lives and to live in harmony with all that we can learn from her!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to harness the best of our modern knowledge along with the knowing of ancient times and indigenous tribes that connected closely with the wisdom that nature offers us? And then to move forward into new technologies and improved ways of living with a great love and profound respect for all that this too-large-to-comprehend planet offers us? Wouldn’t we ourselves be brought into a higher way of living by living with Reverence for our beautiful planet?

What a great shift that would be to come into harmony with the power and grace given to us by this magnificent globe!

To me, the magical way forward lies in incorporating the beauty of timeless wisdom and an understanding that speaks to us today, to revitalize not necessarily the Earth herself (for the Earth is larger and grander than any singular human being living here), but our relationship with her! 

The tribal cultures that looked at her as a feminine principal of life—giving both birth and sustenance and, thus, more birth to all here—acknowledged a gratitude to that which we cannot live without.

And it only takes a few minutes of sitting in nature—truly sitting in nature, even if it’s right outside your door—to know once again that she is indeed a living, breathing being. And sometimes that being is gentle and kind, and sometimes fiery and fearsome in the magnitude of her power—but, always, she is the life force that offers us our home here. And for that, we can surely be thankful!

I believe we are coming into a new understanding, perhaps once again, of who our Earth is as a being, of recognizing how large in scope her life plans are beyond our own human perceptions—and how gracious she continues to be to us!

If she were to speak to us—and she is, if we are listening—I believe she would sing, “Let’s work together, for the benefit of all. I am here for you. I know you intimately, and I know where we can go together. Allow me to show you the way, and you will prosper as never before, and live glorious lives here on my surface!”

If we can listen closely to these whisperings in the breeze, as we stand by to watch the powerful turn of the seasons, the awesome shifts and changes happening under the surface, and the cheery beauty springing up everywhere, then I believe we can return to creating the most beautiful stories ever told, right here on Earth!

Happy Thanksgiving to people everywhere, and to our Earth itself!

Blessings of light and miracles to us all!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Meditating Our Way into Love!
As so many of us move into new energy in our lives, we may be asking, “How do I participate in the best of what can happen in my life right now? How do I love the energy that I feel today and every day? And how do I rise above lower energies—fear, sadness, struggle—when I feel them?”

The answer really is as simple as meditation! And this simple act on a personal level helps connect us with Universal Love on a cosmic level—the very Source of our Universe, the One from which we all come! The peace that we feel as we focus on the pure energy that transcends the details of our daily lives also will help bring us into our own expanded consciousness, one that transcends the limitations of living in time and space.

Right now, we have messages about the prophesied End of Time flowing through our media, in stories of the Mayans and other cultures and seers, but what this End of Time really refers to is precisely this expanded consciousness that we can reach through our own meditation! What a revelation that is!

And so it is that with meditation as our guide, we not only enter into communion with our own spirit, and through our spirit, with the All, but we also enter into a new way of living! When we are in this communion with our true self, our inner self, we actually enter into the 5th dimension, a place of pure, Love energy that transcends time and space. In this eternal Love, linear time falls away, as does causality and judgment of events. And in this place that flows with eternal Truth and Beauty, we are in total knowing that we all are One.

Does this thought sound too good to be true? Or does it evoke a sense of knowing, of, “Yes, that is it!” Are we as a human race growing close to living in this knowledge? I believe so!

As the illusion of this 3rd dimension in which we live falls away, as time and space are seen as the artificial constructs that they are, as we begin to merge with the Love that is the Source of All That Is, we begin to view our self, our life, our world from the higher, all-loving perspective of Source energy itself.

And what a wonderful view that is!

I know that we are all still human, and that we are all still subject to the perceived limitations of a human perspective, but we all can achieve this Oneness, and the knowing that comes with it, again and again and again—with practice.

And, as we do that, we begin to move about our day in walking meditation—bringing that Love and Beauty into every part of our life—every thought, every word, every interaction, every breath!

As more of us practice this way of living, the collective consciousness also reaches these higher, purer vibrations of Love, as well. And then the limitations of our 3rd dimensional world, where the lower vibrations of fear and separation from God and from one another exist, all fall away.

Living in this Universal Love on our Earth is living in the 5th dimension, in the New Age that starts after the End of (the Age of) Time—and it really is a new beginning, rather than the end of life on Earth.

Doesn’t just knowing that truth in your heart fill your day with love and beauty—the Love that comes from Heaven, a Heaven we are all able to bring to this Earth? Holding this love in your heart and going forth into the world, bringing all of this connection with Spirit into your day, helps us to enter the Age of Peace talked about across many cultures and many times.

By living this Love, we bring the energy of Christ himself to our Earth—and we live and breathe in the Christ Consciousness. And with that knowing in our hearts, we begin to fulfill a possibility as great as one that has ever existed on this planet.

In simply beginning with meditation, with a focus on Love, the flow of energy itself brings you into these higher energies that bring all that is good into your life! 

Wishing many blessings of Light to you all!

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