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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bringing More Light into Life!

We live in such interesting times, surrounded by mythology and lore that is making its way into the mainstream, and still we are pulled back to the thought processes of a mechanized society, the rational, tangible thinking based in an industrial age of the 18th century. How do we stand on the brink of the change to a new age, bridging what has come before with what lies ahead without having a clear understanding yet of what is to come, without feeling peril or unease?

What may help us navigate through these shifting, changing times is coalescing the many elements of our world and life now, melding mythology with science and bringing understanding of all that's happening around us into our personal lives and our culture. What is happening now, as we feel reverberations of unrest and unease throughout our populace, is an adjustment period to the new energy levels of our Earth, our human bodies, our world as we know it. And these new energy levels are rapidly bringing us forward into our future!

How do the stories of 2012 and the end of time, as told by the Mayans and other distant people, meld with what is happening in space and our very own Earth's shifts, with solar phenomena and our own development as human beings, with our bodies and minds and our technology—our way of life, both cultural and spiritual?

All of these aspects, and more, are like facets of a many-sided diamond, sparkling and shining from an inner truth, beautiful in its formation and magical in its appearance—a delight that has held the attention of people always! And how blessed are we to be living in this time that can be compared to a jewel, a wonder formed of the earth and made crystalline with energetic forces far beyond the matter we see before us?

All of these facets of our life and times really do come together to present us with a cohesive story of who we are and where we are in our development as human beings. And in telling this story that would embody so much of the beauty of ourselves, at this point in space and time, we, the tellers of this magnificent story, are shaping the story itself—adding characters here and expanding the story there, revealing plot twists and ensuring that all of it moves to a beautiful, moving end that really is the beginning of so much more to come.

As we know, Light is the electromagnetic force that is the basis of matter. Light is all that we are, quite literally, and all that we come from. In our hearts, we always know this, and in our hearts, we can always hear this, even without the science that tells us so. As a metaphor and as a spiritual force, Light is also all that is good, and in a Universe that is Oneness, it is also the All!

As we know this Light, and the Oneness from which it comes, we can make sense of what the ancient stories, the prophecies of 2012, were really trying to tell us. And more wondrous than that, we can see how everything happening in space and on Earth shapes this transition long spoken of.

Let's all open our hearts to welcome this growing Light, this Light that literally comes through space and saturates our Earth, that permeates our bodies and raises the electromagnetic energy of our minds! And as we do so, we open ourselves to new potentials, untapped until now.

Just as our human understanding of our planet once shifted dramatically from a flat Earth model to a globe, we are now shifting, perhaps even more dramatically, from our perception of three-dimensional space and time to a multi-dimensional life on Earth!

Evolutionary shifts are most comfortably considered, I'm sure, in retrospect. To be a participant in the times of shift is, of course, much more unsettling, more demanding—and more exhilarating if we are able to grasp enough of what's happening to enjoy the ride! And here we all are, so enjoy we should!

Because all the components of this shift are so fascinating—and there are so many more of them than we even know about yet—I'd like to write about them in a series of posts. And so I will, as I hope to weave together the well-known and the little-known, the expected and the unexpected, in a way that is illuminating and intriguing!

I hope that we are all excited by this new energy as it brings together Earth, man, space, and, of course, the God-force that is the Universe in a way that we haven't understood before! May we cheer each other on in this great adventure—and open our hearts to see Love and Light in everyone and everything along our path!

Wishing many illuminations of the Light to us all!


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