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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Embrace All That Life Brings to You, Now!

I wrote this article for the upcoming fall issue of Rick and Beverly Thompson's channeled quarterly newsletter, The Gathering of Angels, available online at www.thegatheringofangels.com. Its messages are filled with love, and I highly recommend it!

As we head into fall and then approach another year, we may be feeling the tumultuousness of the past year’s events on a personal level. With so much change, on such a large scale, embodied in the energy of all that’s happening on this earth, we may have been brought through a series of change-points—those clearly demarcated shifts that tell us to move from where we live, to end relationships, to start new careers, and to begin again in small or not-so-small ways—on a most personal level.

As new light shines through us and increases its intensity, both higher energies and residual lower energies hidden in the interstitial spaces, the spaces between the components of our very cells, will be brought forth. And as a spectrum of energetic resonances emerges from each of us, our manifestations, whether in thought-form or physical form, will show us quite clearly how we have been vibrating on different subjects, whether in the recent or distant past.

Right now for me, the key word in my mind, and a main message from Infinite Intelligence, is a simple and meaningful one: embrace. Embrace who you are, embrace where you are, and embrace the very nature of this life on the physical plane—along with your bravery and willingness to join in the adventure!

The promise behind this message is fascinating, for in embracing your life, you find your triumph! Contrary to what we may believe, our triumph doesn’t lie in the fleeting manifestations that we would call good or bad events in our life. It lies instead in our embrace of allowing energy to flow through us for the sake of bringing Source here to this plane (and, thus, shining outward through the Universe). In our embracing life, we rise to meet our Higher Self and our own divine view of all that we encounter. Our embrace of life lived, through the whole range of human emotions, gives us our transcendence.

And only in the transcendence of our embracing, do we understand God’s view of our world, our beings, our sacrifice to be here. Once we know this transcendent state personally, the miracle of transformation occurs: all that we would call “lower energy” here—sadness, difficulty, struggle, fearfulness, and more—is transmuted into love and joy and beauty, where all of us really live beyond our perception in this third dimension.

May we all embrace all that we are living and have lived! And may we all see and feel the beginning of a new understanding of this life on Earth appearing now above the horizon!

I send my joyful wishes for you today and everyday from my heart! Many blessings to us all, with love and light!


Julie Shanti

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Swept Along by the Storm!
Sometimes the storm of life can be frightening and surreal, amazing in its power and a reminder of forces so much larger than we ourselves are. During a summer or fall lightning storm, we may take refuge on a porch or sitting just inside a window as we stare at the sky, catching our breath each time the sky lights up in fiery, electrical flashes. A childlike wonder it is, just like so much of what surrounds us in life.

And when those jolts of sky-whitening power happen close to us, we may jump back at the shock of the noise and power, but we marvel at the fact that those lightning bolts come so close, that they happen right here where we are! It’s still amazing even at this age, isn’t it?

And, of course, it is all happening right where we are! All of life does that, doesn’t it? And as we watch something as immense and as powerful as a lightning bolt crack across the sky right in front of us, we may think of ourselves as the observers. Sometimes that sense of separation between us and the awesome force of nature widens even further, until we feel like a victim, so much smaller than the powerful events around us.

But the magic of this scenario is that we really aren’t separate from the larger forces of events around us. We are truly, in our full essence, an integral part of everything that surrounds us, including something as fearsome as a lightning storm. And that idea—the idea of being one with the fullness of nature and all existence—is where the real electricity comes from!

How many of us get swept along by the currents of the storm around us? I, for one, am in a different town from my own this month, both helping someone and being helped. I wouldn’t have mapped this change out the same way if you’d asked me, and yet, somehow, I did all the same. The lightning that cracks across the sky carried me from one point to another somewhere in the distance. And I know there’s more of that coming!

The electrostatic charge is high, and the storm hasn’t dissipated yet. I know I will move along again, and maybe again after that. And I’ll settle into a nice, new equilibrium, when all of this excess energy around us has been transformed by that lightning bolt, by the power of potential energy, into a quiet, even calm.

What I do know, as I am moving along this lightning-bolt path of change in my own life, is that I am definitely not an observer—I am a participant, shaping and being shaped in this tumbling cascade of events.

What would cause such currents to strike out and slash across a quiet sky in the first place? Tension, an electrical imbalance of energy unused and waiting, asking to be moved. A tremendous firepower of will, an intent larger than just what our physical self observes, would precede such an event, whether here in our own lives, or in the power of nature and its awe-inspiring phenomena.

First comes the word, and then the light, in the act of creation. And in the ensuing rapid exchange of electrical charge that is energy moving, we do bring light into everything we do. As we shape our lives and the world around us, the light that we are creates a spectacular display that anyone who’s willing can appreciate.

And so I ask myself, “What can we do in times like these, especially if circumstances in our life seem to bring us rapidly to new, unforeseen places?” We can, here and now, give it up to God, to the Universe, to the angels we ask to help us, as we allow ourselves to fulfill our life’s purpose in the most magnificent, the most meaningful way possible.   

As with a lightning bolt, the changes we are making now are so highly charged that they are alchemical in nature. The energy at its peak is transforming, as fire transmutes a substance at its base essence. Everything that we are going through now is change for the highest spiritual good. What wonders must await us, as the storm clears and frees us to enjoy a clear, new day!

I remind us all, lovingly, of this: embrace who we are, and that we are living, growing, learning beings. That is exactly why each of us is here, and it truly is the apex of human experience. Our transformation really can light up the entire sky, and bring us all to a new calm with more appreciation and understanding of ourselves and our world—as never before! 

Blessings to everyone as we find ourselves anew! 

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