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Friday, August 21, 2009

Living in the Light--In a New Way!
Well, what a week it is as our world's energy shifts again to a new and even brighter light! Towards the end of last week, I beheld from my home a magnificent rainbow—huge, bright, seemingly solid, and it lasted for hours, literally! I shared the news of this rainbow with people working down the street, and it made our day for all of us! Better yet, we heard report of another amazing one in a different part of the country at the very same time—and I am sure they were appearing everywhere with a message of beauty and hope. Sometimes all we need to do is look up to remember where all hope really comes from!

So along with this rainbow that felt substantial, meaningful, we have shifted into a bright, new energy that I felt distinctly early this week. Radiance filled my rooms and my heart, and I felt reverence as I have for so long before these rumblings of the past year and a half. What is brighter, purer, clearer now is the light itself, the light that is being made so available to us all. And even now, in this moment, we are taking wonderful, new steps into our light-filled future, a new way of life more peaceful and satisfying, more joyful and full, more ethereal in that more of our true qualities—of soul—are evident in ourselves, in our everyday lives, in our interactions with others. How beautiful to have this evolution to look forward to!

What is changing now in regard to the light is our relationship to it. Light itself is the medium, the power, the force that creates in our Universe, creates everything from our own Earth itself to our personal wish of the day. Using Light as the apparent form-maker, the electromagnetic force that is thought emanates from our human minds, the metaphysical mind, God's mind, and becomes what we call form, matter, manifestation. Light is also synonymous with Love, Divine Love, because it can only come from our Source, our Creator. It is where our joy resides; it is where we come from and return to. (And, if for some reason, some departed one lingers here in our realm, it is where we direct them to go, for that release back into Love. We all know this in our hearts, don't we?)

What we are entering into now is a new blueprint for our cosmology, a new map of how the cosmos works within the evolutionary and revolutionary turn of life on Earth. Change has always been a constant on our planet: what is happening in this moment is that we are standing at the brink of it, wading in the first small waves of it, instead of looking back at it in history. And we are blessed, indeed, to be doing so!

Traditionally, we have accepted, in large part, a view of the Universe that places God far above us in the Heavens, a place we know or hope to be wondrous, and we see ourselves as living below, separate from God. When we pray to God or ask the Universe for help, we've felt subject to waiting for answers, often without knowing how long these answers to our prayers would take. Light has always traveled to our planet from the Sun, and as awe-inspiring as that super-fast force is, our earthly existence has seemed to have been defined by the distance between the Sun and here where we live. The Sun is there; we are here. God is above, and we are below.

What radical transformation would there be if this separation from God and the energy of the Sun no longer existed, for ourselves or our Earth? Or would that radical transformation really just be a return to who we really are, who we are in truth throughout eternity? And how wonderful would that world be, for all of us?   

So what is the change in our relationship to Light, or God-force? The change is that we are no longer distant from it, no longer waiting for it to reach us from somewhere other than where we are. We are, in fact, becoming more and more like our true selves, our Souls. We are able to hold this Light-force within our very bodies, to emanate it ourselves rather than just receiving it from elsewhere. Our Earth itself, which we know has always reflected the Sun's light back into its own atmosphere, is also evolving to hold more and more of this Light energy.

We and She, Mother Earth, are able to be the Light, more than ever before, as we simultaneously evolve to a higher state of being, a form more natural, or true, to all of us. All of this moving into and being the Light is the result of our gaining a higher consciousness, a purer, faster energy of our minds, a greater clarity about who we are as we live in this world.

And with this ability to be the Light, we are growing in our ability to manifest, as we see teachers teaching people everywhere. If the Light is coming from within us, rather than from without, we are able to create and manifest our lives ourselves—instantly if we allow it—because that manifestation happens at the speed of light.

We are, in fact, rising up to the level of creative control, or mastery, in our lives that we have intended to have all along. And a beautiful thing that is!

And so it is, as we smile at rainbows and feed our own internal Light, the Light that comes from God himself, our Source energy, we bring Heaven here to Earth, here to where we live everyday—not only in our dreams, but also in our actuality!

Love and light to everyone's true being everywhere!


So much more to come in my posts on how our changing Light corresponds to scientific and space events, on our Sun, the 5th Dimension, time, and on no more darkness!
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Let Your Heart Show You the Way!
I hope each and every one of you are having a wonderful day, and I thank so many of you who took the time to write to me! It touches my heart to read your personal notes to me! As you read this, I hope you think of the people around you in your life, and that you take a moment to wish them a wonderful day, too! And if you have the opportunity to tell them in words, so much the better!

Undoubtedly, we all have felt the tumultuousness of the past year or so, whether in our own personal world or in the wider world around us. Many of us know why we are going through these phases, and what they are, but what we are called to do now with that knowing is to bring it to as many people as possible throughout the world. And the way to do that is through our hearts, with love! 

What we, the world, are doing right now is entering a new age, a new age of expanded consciousness that makes its appearance throughout the writings of great religions and advanced civilizations everywhere. Evolution has always been a part of the process for our Earth and for us as people living here, as well as for every other living being here with us. We as people heartily agree to go along for the ride, growing and changing and coming into new and better ways of being. That's why we came here--even if it's easy to forget that as we feel the turmoil of rapid change and new developments.

What's happening right now on a global scale that is affecting everyone, is that the energy of the earth itself is shifting to a higher frequency--a faster, shorter wavelength that moves with great speed. And all of us, as physical beings who are also composed of energy, have to move with these rising currents into faster and faster vibrations of energy. As we naturally adjust to the higher energy, things will go smoothly in our lives, with the joyful and beautiful unfolding of new aspects of our lives that we've wanted to live, and with a deepening of what we have already loved in our lives.

As the energy rises faster than we adjust to it, though, we will experience the bumps and jolts of the changes, the jarring discomfort and sense of not knowing what is happening, and even fear or despair. And most of us, everywhere, are feeling some of these discomforts in any case--so I ask you to take heart, and to give yourself tremendous credit for joining in the adventure and living life to see what we can bring about!

Just as a person standing at the brink of the 20th century's developments, in their own personal life in their own home in 1900, wouldn't have been able to imagine life as we know it now, so are we now standing at the brink of another great leap in advancements in who we are and how we live in the coming century. And from our simple, personal perspective, we can't quite fathom all that lies ahead--nor are we supposed to. But we can acknowledge that something truly amazing is on the horizon, and that sometimes sudden, impactful shifts and changes are preparing us for new and fast-moving developments in our world. In knowing so, we can turn within and find comfort and peace where it begins, within the energy of the human heart. 

And so it is that love is what gets us through these interesting and challenging times! And it is love that essentially binds us together to move into the future. Love itself, divine love, is the Source that surrounds the universe we know here. Love is the essence from which sound and light waves emanate, and it is what created us, what embraces us, and if we listen to its constant and quiet tones, what guides us through this life and welcomes us back to all of eternity when we are done.

Love is the high-frequency vibration of Home, outside our universe, the fastest and purest energy we can know. And love is exactly the companion, the feeling, the energy that adjusts us, as human beings, to the rising energy all around us.

Personally, love is what brings us home to ourselves, to what we truly know within, and love is the energy that unites us with the eternal energy that each of us are, whether we call it our soul, our higher self, our inner being.

Being love is what it means to remember who we truly are.

And so today, I ask you to tap into that not-so-hidden place in your heart, to listen closely to it, and to breathe slowly and deeply to expand it, so that you feel that perfect love for yourself. And as you think of anyone in particular or the world at large, think of them from that centered place of love in your own heart--and it will speed outward to reach many more people than any of us actually encounter!

I want you to know that as we each participate in this feeling, this emotion of love, we each adjust to the higher energies running through us and around us, and in so doing, we bring many others along into that higher energy, as well!

(A quick note to us all: Judgment, whether of self or of others, is the antithesis of love, and it's the quickest and most effective way to counter or block or change the energy of love. So now is the time to release that judgment, starting with ourselves, and to choose compassion, an empathetic quality of love, instead. This release itself will speed our own expansion into the true happiness that we all seek!)

And so, we all have a lot to learn about living this loving way of life--and we have a lot of practice to put into it! But the reward is immeasurable, and it will bring about a quality of life that few have known before. With so much that is new ahead in our own personal developments, our prospects are truly exciting! And with that thought, I open my heart and send that energy out to all, so that it is ever-present for anyone who wishes to receive it!

I hope that my words here reflect that very quality of love to you, and that they help you to shine!

Sending love and light to each of you personally from my heart!


In upcoming posts: We are all going to learn so much more, through these shifts and changes, about energy and the light that we all are, and especially about the fabric that we are all woven into!    
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