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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remembering That Our Path Is Always Here for Us!
Isn't is interesting how we can individually--and collectively--take a path through life that sometimes ebbs and flows, that sometimes diverges from what we really love and desire, to take us through episodes that we really don't want to plan for ourselves?

We can chalk it up to our human-ness, to our sometimes-more, or sometimes-less, practiced routine of trying to find rational answers to a flow of life--and energy--that is so much more than rational, so much broader than the confines of reasoned thinking, that it never will fully yield to us all that going to a larger Source, a more universal energy flow, will always give! 

Isn't it interesting, speaking for myself, that I know this concept to be true and have even had the opportunity, through choices I've made, to practice it for a number of years on end, and yet I can still, under a certain set of circumstances, make an attempt to fall back on a kind of limited-thinking reasoning that would've been more prominent, though no more desired, quite a number of years ago in my life?

And so it is a gentle reminder, and maybe even a welcome reminder, that we can feel the pull down to an earth-bound thinking even after living a satisfying practice of a more spiritual perspective. And the most wonderful part of the lesson itself is that our own true path, the path we know and love and choose, is still right here for us, nudging us back to it, hoping we hear, and urging us to trust!

Because what we create in this physical world, in the constructs of our mind and habits of thinking, will rise and fall in maya, this illusion that we know as our world. But the spiritual world exists beyond the limitations of our mind and remains constant even as we make our attempts to contain our experience with a mind that may worry, fear, or define answers to problems narrowly in times that may feel less than ideal.

I really love learning this lesson again--especially since I'm finding confirmation that there is always a better way, a healthier solution, a host of generous surprises, if we yield to the Universe and know that we are taken care of in so many ways that we can't count them!

This thought, I note to myself, is exactly what "letting go" means--and why we are meant to do so. Only then can we live according to our true inner guidance--and head back to the brightest joy that we can imagine!

And so it is that I am returning to my writing here, after some temporary work that pulled my attention away--though not my heart--for a short time! Back to my own path, and back to feeling the trust and comfort in a world that is so much more than anything we can see with our physical eyes! I am happy and eager to be filling these pages again, and I'm even more blessed if you enjoy reading them! Thank you, from my very heart! 

And so, if the events of the day or the news of the night have temporarily distracted you from your truest path, from the fullness of your being, may I and others help lift you up a little, just enough that you catch a glimpse of something higher. And may you remember who you really are in this or any lifetime, why you are here, and how you want to live!

May we all offer kindness to make such a return to true happiness so much gentler, and so much quicker, than if we are not to encounter kindness. 

What is happening now in the world is truly miraculous! We are moving ahead into new times, new understandings of one another, and new energies that will give us all the possibility of a wonderful existence on Earth! I am excited to talk more about energy as we move forward. And remember that as negative energy makes itself known in the world, it's really just a distraction from all the good that is taking shape underneath!

My personal thanks to Amma, from India, and to Doreen Virtue on Hayhouse Radio, for the generous blessings they have given to me this past week. I saw Amma on her yearly trip to Boston and soaked in her radiance as I watched her bless person after person in an all-night program. And Doreen took my call on her radio show--and announced my (underprepared!) website, which brought in viewers from around the world, from Iran to Taiwan to Sweden, as well as from closer to home! Who would've known!

With love for all of you, and excitement at what we all get to build! May you see extraordinary beauty in everything around you!

The brightest of light to you all!


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