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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love Every Living Moment!

or the Hologram & the Kaleidoscope

As we pass a holiday that celebrates love in its romantic form, we may remember the way in which we really want to live—a life that’s filled with love in every moment, with realization of the wonder and beauty of everything that surrounds us! 

And as we remember that wonder and beauty of which every one of us is a part, we may remember who we really are, all of us who fill this planet, in all types of life forms—divine beauty itself, life breathed into form from love itself, through the word and thought.

How, we ask, do we keep this promise to live joyful, loving lives amongst one another? How do we fulfill our highest potential as spiritual beings on the physical plane? And, how on Earth do we do this when so much around us seems to be filled with negative happenings and fear and anger?

I’d like to remind us what the Buddhists and others teach, that each moment in life holds infinite possibilities—many more than we as humans are able to recognize, especially when we may be caught in the drama of life.

To help us remember the awe-inspiring beauty of this universe with as much joy as we intended, we can look at the wonders of the hologram and the kaleidoscope. Both show us in utter simplicity the organization of the universe in space and time, and both remind us of the playfulness inherent in this realm of ours!

We live in a holographic universe, an encoded image on the backdrop of the space-time continuum, that’s created by reflected light. And what we see as life, our perspective on it, depends on the angle at which we view it—whether  we hold it unnaturally fixed in one, unmoving position, or whether we move through life allowing a fluid succession of its different elements to create a moving picture of breathtaking beauty!

In this model of our reality, the whole of life, the whole of creation in our universe, is contained within every part of itself. Which means that all light, all divinity, is contained within and reflected by each one of us. Each of us is infinitely connected to one another, every one of us an inseparable part of the whole. And so, all of us here are truly one.

Starting with this overview of an all-encompassing reality, we can then add to our model a vision of ourselves playing with a kaleidoscope—and the youthful delight that comes from doing so! This child’s toy gives us multiple reflections of tiny bits of colored glass, arranged and rearranged in ever-changing patterns—which interplay and change as we ourselves turn the tube, rotating it to find the pattern that we love the most!

We can think of the hologram as space, or physical reality, and the kaleidoscope as time, reflecting the fleeting, ever-changing nature of moving through this life. In a universe specially set up for each one of us in just this way, I can tell you that you are in control of your life. No matter what’s happening around you, you can choose the image and the pattern, the colors and the design, that you see as making up your life and the world around you!

Let joy lead you in your outlook on life, and you’ll find that joy itself can only take you to more joy. Answer with a wholehearted “Yes!” to the question of whether you want to play this game of life so you can enjoy it to the fullest. Look around with reverence, and ask for that joy to remind you that we are all playing the grandest of games, together, on this beautiful planet just made for love!  

Blessings to everyone!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Love's Endless Generosity!
So, as we move into 2009 and move with it, we can learn to live in joy even while acknowledging that countercurrents of negative energy are running in streams in all directions, crossing each other and creating swirling whirlpools in which we feel we can get caught.  

Since all life, all mass even, is composed of energy, we can approach such vortexes of confusing streams of thought energetically—and in so doing, triumph over what influences may surround us!

Joy and well-being are on the opposite end of the energy and thought spectrum as fear, and I’m sure we’ve all gotten caught in that downside of energy at some point in life. The really great news is that we can move to a more joyful experience of life even as events and mass thought currents would seem to exclaim otherwise.

If we quiet the voices of fear, then balance will return—because balance is always our natural state!

If each and every one of us can embody this wisdom, we ourselves can affect a larger change back to balance and stability—with peace and prosperity spreading for all to enjoy! 

Even right now, some people are finding profit and benefiting amidst the economic downturn. And others know that this is their time to plant new seeds of personal change, to start businesses and organizations with new bases of philosophy, ethics, and principles of community. 

And so, life as we know it is regenerating itself from the breakdown of some of the old principles—mistaken, misguided, or misbegotten—and as cataclysmic as it may seem in the moment, soon we will behold beauty in many new forms!

It does matter what we each do. And it does help. Remembering this truth, we can ourselves “be that change that we wish to see in this world.” Our own personal change in energy radiates outward, affecting positive change in everyone we touch, and even those beyond our personal reach!

Right now, the energy that we each generate individually can and will become the larger cycle. At critical mass, the energy of society at large will tip back to  the positive—because it can’t not do that.

The first thing to do to turn to the positive is to turn inward. By listening to that deep inner voice that speaks to us of the source of our happiness, we receive the gift of knowing what life is really about —and remembering how it all truly works.

As we do so, spirit gives us its greatest gift of all, the gift of love, and of love’s endless generosity, boundless in form, infinite in its existence. Wrap yourself in this love, and let the voices of internal chatter and the noise of external clatter fall away until you find your peace. At that moment, give thanks and feel your appreciation spreading as far and wide as you can imagine, touching everyone everywhere.

I extend this generosity to you, and I know that you also feel generous toward everyone you encounter. Hold everyone’s well-being in your thoughts, and be happy for the springtime that is approaching!

Joy is on the way!            

Love & light to you all,

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