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Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy New Energy Year!
I’m writing to say hello and to kick-off my blog here with happy observations about our first weeks of 2009! 

To be sure, we are in the midst of great changes on every level – personal, national, global – and in all spheres, from spiritual to the material, in every way that we live our lives.  

The good news is that the change that comes with this heightening of energies, albeit not so easy to adjust to, perhaps, is positive! And the signs of that are all around us! 

Most of all, I’d like to give thanks to that wondrous occurrence on the
Hudson, just before the inauguration. As a plane landed safely on the river, people climbed out alive and well, and appeared to the rest of us to walk on water!  

The gorgeous pictures of these blessed people who got to return to their families and friends that day, though not by the route they would’ve thought, evoked emotion everywhere – including the nightly news! For several days afterward, the most prominent story on the airwaves was this one of being saved, an event that seemed beyond any outward recognition that such a happy ending could occur! 

And the gift of their safe return was multiplied endlessly for the rest of us as it shifted the news of the day from all that has been happening for too many months to count now to something new and awe-inspiring…

What did not go unnoticed by me was the location of this miracle – right where negative energy has made its mark over the last eight years, the area that has been the focal point of violence done from without, on 9/11, and damage done from within, in the heart of our own financial community.

Even as the news fades and the images leave the forefront of our imagination, keep the gift so lovingly given to us: we’re all in for a safe landing. Forces higher than ourselves are here for us, guiding us to where we need to be, and reminding us happily that things we do not think are possible do happen even in the most trying of moments.
The timing of this extraordinary event, which coincided with the timing of a change in administration here in the U.S., gives us a very clear message: look ahead, look at the miracle of right now, and wonder at the miraculousness of it all! The more we are able to embody this lesson, this gift, of marveling in the now, the more all of our lives reflect that gift!
I believe we have much to look forward to, even as many of our old ideas fall away, as we build new times with new energies, working together as one, with renewed understanding of one another and our purpose here. And always, remembering to give thanks. 

I wish healing to each and every wonderful person on that plane, and much joy in the days and years to come. And l give thanks to all who bring light into this world of ours, light that shines radiantly through any of the other dark deeds and days that we may have been having thus far.

Looking forward, with love and light for all!

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